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Key Contacts:

Steve Lake, GOC Council Chair

The Gathering Of Circles is held annually in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, New Mexico:
Go to Cloudcroft. Take Hwy 130 South out of Cloudcroft for 1.2 miles. Turn left at Sleepy Grass Campground or 0.7 miles. Turn right on 5661 for 3.9 miles. Turn left at 5661 marker, look for forked tree on left before turn. Then turn left again immediately (about 40 feet) and follow road. Signs will be posted.

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The Gathering of Circles event in August each year is completely free to all attendees. There are expenses, however– including permits, firewood, and portable toilets. If you would like to support this beautiful and healing event, you may donate via this button. The account is administered by Steve Lake and the GOC Council.