Greetings! GOC 2023 to be on the mountain Aug 2-6.

Greetings everyone! 

Gathering of Circles 2023 is shaping up to be a spectacular event and beautiful experience for all, whether it’s your first time or twentieth.  New connections and experiences await us. 

As always, GOC is free to attend and is drug and alcohol-free, spiritually based event. 

GOC 2023 will be held Aug. 2-6 in the Sacramento mountains outside of Cloudcroft NM. 

Stay tuned for more information on planning and participation opportunities!

Slots for workshops are limited so please reach out quickly.  

GOC is self-supporting through donations and every penny goes right back into GOC. Those who donate $20-$25 or more will receive a beautiful commemorative T-shirt. T-shirt designs for the 2023 Gathering will be considered soon.  

The GOC book Sacred Mountain Sacred Home will also be available in limited quantities on the mountain, or order here.  

This is a great year to not only return to the mountain but to encourage others to as well.  

Stay tuned for Signup information.

Any questions or concerns please reach out to myself or any council member.

See you on the mountain!