2018 Guest Speaker

Richard Weckerly

GOC 2018 Speaker
Richard Weckerly

I was born in 1956 in southern California, a time and place marked by a climate of social change. As a youth, I embraced the prevalent experimental lifestyle and distinguished myself with delinquent behavior. Repeated interactions with the law led to a judge’s decision that military service was the best utilization and channel for my energies. By the time I was discharged from service, I had acquired bad habits and the skills necessary to support those habits. These eventually led to  the State of California inviting me to an extended vacation at their penitentiary. Upon release from my all-inclusive, 2-year stay there, I met a woman and was ready to settle into married life and new role as a “normie”. The birth of my two children and subsequent dissolution of that marriage were the kick start to setting me on my spiritual quest in earnest.

Attempts to” fly right” led me to repeated dead ends. At a time when no one was inviting me to come back, the Lakota was the “last house on the block”. They kept saying “come back, it’ll get better”. After a time–and to my surprise- two men in ceremony had a vision that I was to be a pipe carrier. To say that my life turned around at that point would be a misleading simplification. The pipe was like the gentle, persistent and patient staff of a shepherd, herding me, again and again, back in the direction to wholeness, eventually becoming an observable transformation of my life and being.

The teachings of Pteskawin ( White Buffalo Calf Woman) and the Seven Sacred Rites became central to my life. With the help of the Spirit and my mentors, I began my journey back toward wholeness. Guidance through visions and dreams allows me the opportunity to be of service to all my relations. Working with the power of love and the teachings of Pteskawin (White Buffalo Calf Woman), I was asked to create a space for others to empower them to find their own personal, experiential connection to the Divine.
I am privileged to have been a pipe carrier in service to all my relations for over 25 years at this point. I feel blessed to have known and learned from Grandpa Swift Talk Earl, Grandpa Eugene, Orville Reddest, and Tommy Crow. For more than 12 years I have been learning from and helping to facilitate ceremony with Basil and Charlotte Braveheart. I have poured over 1000 lodges, facilitated 100+ vision quests, and completed 4 Sundances in which I served in the position as Chief Janitor and Bottle Washer.

My life today is a continuing effort to adhere to the designs of the Spirit as well as my mentors, in carrying  the teachings and traditions given to the Lakota by Pteskawin ( White Buffalo Calf Woman).

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