Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home

The Gathering Of Circles is very excited to publish a book this year in 2020! It is called “Sacred Mountain – Sacred Home.” You can learn more below. You can click on the cover page below to view a sample of the book.


Taking the Mountain Home with Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love
The Transcendent Wisdom of the Gathering of Circles
Told Through the Stories of Many
Whose Lives It Transformed
Bob and Wanda Mama Uma Wade

The formal ceremony ended, the Pipe separated, and the Gathering of Circles dispersed for 2019. Bob and I headed down the mountain for home. Deciding to stop just outside the boundaries of the gathering, we set up camp for a few more days. Once there, the plan was to complete and assimilate the experience of the gathering. As we began to see more clearly, we wondered how those who had to plunge right back into daily life managed to keep this sacred mountain experience alive and flourishing. This was the beginning of, and the inspiration for Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home.

Click on the image below to review a sample of the book. The previous pages serve to give a flavor of what the book is about. We are accepting orders now. The book will be available for shipping in a few weeks. Books are $30 each plus $5 shipping. If you are uncertain whether your order or payment was received please contact Cliff Buchanan 432-553-1147. Or if you need help for anything.

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