2020 GOC Workshops

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Irene Ramos

Irene Ramos is our Workshop coordinator this year! She is responsible for putting together our workshop lineup, scheduling the workshops and interfacing with the presenters, getting their info together along with there photos etc.

Irene Ramos
361W Ave F
Poteet TX 78605


CatherineRose Strecko

The Alchemy of Ceremony

Come learn how to create sacred space for yourself. How to speak with the ancestors . call on their guidance, their love. We will create a ceremony decided by the group. Come learn the medicine wheels of the five worlds,how they are related to our own human body, how their vortex of energy spirals into the center to create alchemy We are beings in our bodies yet at the same time in this universal source able to create the same magic that has created all that is around us . We are that powerful !!! Come join us to discover how to use the alchemy of ceremony to connect to our powerful selves .Come be empowered , together and unique

BearHeartWoman Dancing Buffalo has been facilitating sweat lodges, drumming circles , women’s circles, ceremonies,workshops and Shamanic teachings since 2002. She plays on a Woman’s drum since 2010. She has received the wisdom and knowledge of the ancestors from various teachers and elders throughout the many years. She is also a licensed massage therapist, She offers a variety of massages from swedish, deep tissue or relaxing massage to combining energy work and shamanic tools creating a shamanic massage that serves on many levels. She lives her life in a very loving,generous and authentic way.”I believe we can co-create a new world of love,respect,and acceptance through the sharing of our wisdom.” “ I believe we are seeing and hearing the call of the ancient ones to us to come back to a simple way of life…we are returning to our mother, the sacred earth and to the Great Mystery,the Creator or universal source. As we play drums, sing and dance the cry of our hearts for freedom and respect is heard by mother earth. One day the earth will be restored and we will live together, no longer apart. Come back to the ancient ways We are the people we have been waiting for !!
Friday morning 1st session

Friday morning 2nd session