The following is the list of Coordinators and Ongoing Roles

Updated 02/10/19 02:24 pm

The following is a list of most of the jobs required to put on the Gathering Of Circles each year. Some of the jobs are very time consuming and some require very little time and effort. If there is a name beside a job, then that job has been filled for 2019. Please consider volunteering for any job which is missing a name. Before volunteering, I encourage you to review the descriptions and requirements for the position. You can find that under the drop down menu under the heading “Volunteers” at the main website. If you wish to volunteer please email or call me, Cliff Buchanan 432-553-1143 webmaster@gatheringofcircles.com

If the name is already filled in and you would like to help this year or volunteer for the following year, please contact the existing volunteer. I have included the name, phone, and email for your convenience.

GOC Event Coordinator Positions for 2019