GOC Care Station

During gatherings we find that the mountain has a powerful effect on our bodies, minds and spirits. Sometimes we need help processing. Many people will have rounds of altitude sickness or maybe forget an important part of their camping set up. We are here to help.

This service is available to all participants in the GOC free of charge.

The Care Station is available and provides the following for participants who need assistance:

  • Basic first aid
  • Massage table
  • Salves and herbal remedies
  • Hot herbal teas
  • Oxygen
  • Extra camping supplies
  • Batteries
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Extra rain gear
  • Tarps

Bodywork practitioners, herbalists and healers will be on hand to advise and help you find the help you need.

We ask that all reusable supplies be returned to be used for future gatherings.

Kathy Two Hawks - GOC 2022