GOC First Timers Tips

GPS Coordinates: 32.925152, -105.699934

Directions: Go to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Take Hwy 130 South out of Cloudcroft for 1.2 miles. Turn left at Sleepy Grass Campground or 0.7 miles. Turn right on 5661 for 3.9 miles. Turn left at 5661 marker, look for forked tree on left before turn. Then turn left again immediately (about 40 feet) and follow road. Signs will be posted.


1. Don’t give up. Follow the directions EXACTLY. Signs will be posted. Use extra care at night.

2. This campground is a special gift for us each year, and if we want to return here in the years to come we must care for it. Please return the ground to as near the state in which you found it. Do not leave anything that did not grow there. Refill fire pits.

3. There will be port-a-potties available. These are shared facilities and everyone is encouraged to keep them clean and user friendly.

4. It’s recommended that you bring all you will need on the first trip up as the mountain road is narrow and rocky and takes some time to travel. The site used by GOC is considered “primitive” and there are no man-made objects short of what we bring in.

5. Bring plenty of water to drink, cook and/or to wash with. There is absolutely NO RUNNING WATER for miles. Remember to bring enough water for any pet you bring.

6. All food should not be left unattended as there are plenty of critters who would love a free meal. It is especially important that food is not left out at night. Store all food so that it is out of reach from animals, especially bears.

7. Bring several large drawstring trash bags to hang in the trees for your trash, so that your sleeping facilities will remain more insect free.

8. Bring warm clothing and a warm sleeping bag for the nights, as it will likely drop into the forties during the dark hours.

9. The sun (UV rays) is stronger at this elevation. Use care not to burn.

10. Do not forget your cameras, binoculars, hiking boots, flashlight, raincoats, rainfly for your tent, and a folding chair with your name on it.

11. A propane grill is a good idea for cooking, especially if open flames are banned.

12. Bring a log (one and a half to two feet long) to add to the Sweet Medicine Dance fire pit. Park rules allow gathering of deadfall wood, but not the cutting of live trees.

13. There is a pot-luck community meal. Feel free to contribute a favorite dish, side dish or dessert.

14. Bring a plainly wrapped gift for the Give-Away if you choose to participate. (More information about the Give-Away can be found under the Who We Are tab).

15. Family dogs are welcome, but please keep the following in mind:

A. Many species of wildlife are in the area (some quite large and dangerous) and could potentially see your pet as prey. Please be advised that allowing your pet to freely roam the mountain unattended is not recommended.
     B. Dogs must be on leash within the camp especially at the main circle as others may also have dogs.
     C. When leaving your dog at your campsite, it must be constrained so that it cannot
         come closer than six feet to the road where your fellow campers will be walking.
     D.  You are responsible for any injury your dog may inflict on others.
     E.  If you are walking through another’s campsite, be alert for their dog. Do not try to
          pet another person’s dog without their permission!