Our Circles

GOC 2022

We are individuals, small groups, and representatives of groups that come together to re-establish community, to share teachings, to give and receive love and acceptance.

We meet in a tradition of tribes and first peoples from many countries. We come from great distances and from near places.

We meet in a natural environment free of modern conveniences on a cool mountaintop in the middle of New Mexico. Surrounded by standing people (trees), embraced into the essence of the land, accepted by the four legged and the winged ones, we join together with both diverse and common goals.

We strive to come into balance with nature, with others, with ourselves, and with Spirit as we understand it.

We carry the energy of new seekers, and the wisdom of the sages.

We represent many circles of belief including: Native American, Buddhism, Paganism, Celt, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, New Age, synthesis of these, and others.

Gathering of Circles 2022. Morning meditation.

We are doctors, counselors, teachers, computer programmers, massage therapists, business people, health coaches, and a variety of other fields.

We experience the spectrum of human experience such as addiction, grief, troubles, failures, pains, joys, happiness, bliss, success, searching, and finding.

We assist each other in our personal and spiritual growth through workshops, small group conversations, guest speakers, sweat lodges, talking stick ceremony, and through just being together.

We participate to the extent that we desire. We may choose to attend everything or we may just rest and renew ourselves from Mother Earth.  Each year there are new people brought into the larger circle. There are also those of us that have been there each year since we began to gather in 1995. Everyone is welcome.

We have watched tiny babies grow into childhood and children mature into balanced young adults. We watch each other become more of what we came  here to be.

We remember who we are.

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Testimonies from GOC participants

03/22/2018 I am Michele Macias. My son is Malachi Burr and we volunteered to help with the welcome table, we will plan on arriving a day or 2 early to help best facilitate welcoming every one and my son is an extremely good helper, so we can also make sure as people are coming in that they not only feel welcomed, but they also have help setting up their camp…if they need it. We are truly looking forward to the GOC this year, we need it, our spirits need it, my teenage son needs it, our world needs it. In a world that can sometimes seem cruel and chaotic…the GOC ceremony experience and all the people who attend restore my hope and faith in humanity and rejuvenate mine and my son’s souls. Blessings. Just please keep us informed. And know that Creator has blessed this gathering and will continue to, as we all continue to share our blessings with each other and Mother Earth. Michele Macias

Essay by Vicky Vaughan from 2003