2018 Prayer from Beth Hin

Beth Hin

Dear Cliff and Mike,
Please accept my prayer composed for The 2018 Gathering of Circles. I humbly note the presence of Carol Whitewater Dawn who will remain as a guide in the Heavens,  and of Bearheart, who will be reincarnating this next year or soon after here in The United States, during the last few days as I prayed this for all.

My deepest regards and love to you both,  and gratitude for all you are and do.

The Gathering of Circles
August 1~5 2018

Oh, our Creator; Great Spirit; Father~Mother God; That Great One;
Yahweh; Ahura Mazda; Allah~The Omnipotent, The Merciful;
Dharmakya~Clear Light of Reality; Divine Masculine
Brahma~Vishnu~Shiva and Divine Feminine Saraswati~Lakshmi~Parvati;
Ik Onkar~ You Who are All Pervading; That which is of the Heavens of
Confucianism, Taoism and other faiths; both the great and the subtle Kami
of Shintoism; Baha’~The All~Glorious; and the innumerable names of
God in the traditions not named here of all peoples and of all beings, of
all time and space, including the philosophical and secular names such as
Stoicism; Pantheism, Druid and Native traditions of Tribes throughout the
World; Music, Science, Art, Poetry, Medicine and the Healing Arts; in
sources, forms, quests and pathways toward the sacred; Angels and other
Heavenly protectors, guides, and dedicated saintly Ancestors:
We, the members of The Gathering of Circles, gather here before You in
committed prayer, within the natural sanctuary, beauty and safety of this
place. We offer ourselves to Heaven, asking of Your grace and guidance
Your protection~
~for our offerings
~for our seeking of our deepest paths and the deepest paths of all beings
~for inspiration, wisdom, blessing, community
~for strength, courage, love and grace to be impeccable at all moments
~for all that is good, noble and true in life upon this Earth
~for reconciling who we were before this incarnation
~for that which is our holy path ever after, throughout this Cosmos.
We call upon You in all of Your names and ways. Please be with us;
shepherd us; teach us, mercifully, wisely, tenderly, compassionately,

This year of 2018, we offer in prayer our history as Humanity, our present
as Humanity, and, to the best of our abilities, in soul, mind, heart and body,
our future as Humanity~ in aspiration, intuition, intention, integrity, in our
abilities~ and in our challenges, in all love and grace; that the paths of all
directions into the future be of Peace, our prayers guided as by the smoke
of the Ceremonial Pipe of White Buffalo Calf Woman, Spiritual Mother
of the Plains Native North American peoples of our World.

As we breathe, we offer upon the breath of this precious place~ of pine
and other tree~infused mountain air, our Sage and Tobacco, to bless the
gestures of our lives to become sacred before You, Oh Creator, that
Heaven guide us of all Faith traditions to a tradition of Heaven, of Peace
now born upon the Earth. May we embody and represent a willing bridge
of Heaven’s language~ harmony, among the peoples of all nations, which
we have humbly, honorably, faithfully practiced in dedicated promise each
year as The Gathering of Circles, as one circle representing all circles of

We represent the one circle of the Human Race, as cosmic, universal.
~We represent the many circles of our communities, families, regions,
faiths and cultural traditions, as collectives.
~We represent our individual paths as sentient sovereign souls, in all love
and pure alignment as we are able, side by side, man by woman by
Elder by child, by infant, by those to be born, for all, as best we
are able.

May Your peace begin as the unending circle which we have lived in
promise, in prayer and in practice, these many years, that You place Your
seal upon us all and through us to and for all beings, for all of creation, in
Your name and ways. We ask this; we represent this. We are one in many, in
one, of Your peace here and everywhere, now, always.

May we be guided together in these beloved stands of trees at this high
point of land, in counsel with the many who are with us in prayer and
practice across our continent and throughout our World, for the sake of
ourselves, our families and loved ones; for the sake of the many collectives
from clubs and villages to nations, regions and continents; for the sake of
our tender Earth of mountain, sea, sunlight and moonlight; for the sake of
our Cosmos from the fullness of the void of Black Holes into Starlight.
May we be protected, guided in all ways, always noble, kind, courageous,
true and loving, to the best of our abilities in all ways.

We are Your Ceremonial Pipe; Mother Earth is your Pipe; Father Sky into
the Universe is your Pipe.
May Your Holy Spirit render us now as Your very breath of that
Ceremonial Pipe manifest.

Elizabeth Anne Hin
President The White Rose Foundation