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2020 Planning Meeting to take place by ZOOM only!

Hello friends, greetings and blessings.

  Due to the situation with Corona/ Covid-19 virus, we are no longer encouraging people to travel to attend the GOC 2020 Planning Meeting in person but rather to participate online.

  The planning meeting will still go on as planned at 2pm Phoenix time, 3 Mountain, 4 Central, 5 Eastern.

You will need to Download or have Zoom for meeting (free)  Download Zoom

We ask that everyone sign on one hour ahead of time to resolve any technical issues.

A ZOOM meeting number is here 546-312-670  o access the planning meeting.

.See Zoom instructions here:

  We encourage everyone to participate. Let us look ahead to better times on our Sacred Mountain Sacred Home with GOC 2020

We still would like your ideas for T-shirts   “Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home” send to T Shirt Submissions

  Coordinator positions are still available to lead or assist.

  Blessings to you and all that you love.

Steve Lake  on behalf of the GOC council

GOC 2020 Planning Meeting, March 28th, Pheonix AZ

Greetings everyone !!  We are thrilled to announce the location and time of our annual planning meeting. ALL ARE WELCOME IN PERSON OR ONLINE. We all together will decide many things pertaining to GOC 2020. In addition we will be filling coordinator positions and assistants. As you know GOC is a volunteer event and we need your efforts and assistance. For a list of the positions as they were filled last year CLICK HERE  For the current year 2020 click HERE! Please contact me if you wish to volunteer specifically or generally, Volunteer for GOC 2020  We all together make it great. Also if you have a workshop/presentation you would like to give please contact Irene Ramos as she will be this years workshop coordinator Irene for workshops. Submit your workshop here!

  The theme for GOC 2020 is SACRED MOUNTAIN, SACRED HOME  we also welcome your T-shirt designs. We all will select one at the planning meeting. Email your T-Shirt designs here: T-SHIRT DESIGNS

2020 Vision Quest

What is a vision quest? Why would I attend it?

A vision quest, in BearHeart’s words from his book, The Wind Is My Mother,
”If we really want to know ourselves, at some point we’re going to have to surrender to a Higher Power who knows all about us—our weaknesses, our mistakes, and our potentials. Many Native American tribes do that through our meditation known as “vision quest”—the setting aside of a time and place, alone out in Nature, to communicate with a Higher Being and explore that which is within.
Somewhere in that space and time as we are questing, answers come. It is an opportunity to know more about ourselves and some of the options that we have to choose from in life.“

The 2020 BearHeart Vision Quest will follow BearHeart’s vision quest protocols and will be held at the same location as the Gathering of Circles, and the week following it, starting August 04, and ending August 09. You can learn more about it on the GOC website, HERE and register on the website if you feel called to attend.

If you have questions, you can contact me:
Mike Three Bears Andrews
PO Box 577
Arroyo Seco, NM 87514