My First Inipi – Sweat Lodge

by Elk Brother Dreaming

For a long time I prayed and meditated over my decision to enter the Inipi, the traditional sweatlodge.  My heart had to be right.  It’s not a choice to be taken lightly.  Not unless you are a fool and want to risk your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Not to mention the risk you are taking spiritually.

It is a physically challenging environment.  The heat is extreme.  Those volcanic rocks are heated to red hot.  The dwelling is very hot and cramped.  We were squeezed in there shoulder to shoulder.  To those with claustrophobia, like myself, it can be rather intimidating. Continue reading “My First Inipi – Sweat Lodge”

Songs We Sing


In the year 2000 four women got together and created a CD containing many of the songs sung at the Gathering of Circles. We have been singing them for years now. Instead of hearing them only at GOC events many hearts wanted to take them home, learn them and make them their own. A donation of $10.00 to the GOC will reserve your copy to pick up at the GOC event. If you wish, I can mail your copy to you.

The initial CD has been re-mastered for better sound quality and separated into individual tracks. In addition four new songs have been added. Two from Tim Robertson and two from Reecee Wilkinson. 



Order form for the Songs We Sing CD

I would like to order the “Songs We Sing” CD. I understand that I will donate $10.00 to the GOC in return for the CD unless I already have the original release in which case I will donate $5.00. 

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Katy’s Gathering Essay by Vicky Vaughan

Essay by Vicky Vaughan

Katy’s Gathering


In Beauty, I Begin.

Katy here. Shall I tell you the story of the Gathering of Sweet Medicine Circles? (My brother, Matt, is helping me by drawing the pictures.)

A few years ago, men who are now Grandfathers of the Gathering came up with the idea of a yearly reunion of the Sweet Medicine Circles and individuals that were forming around Continue reading “Katy’s Gathering Essay by Vicky Vaughan”

Order CD “A Gathering Of Circles”

I would like to order the “A Gathering Of Circles” CD. I understand that the cost of the CD is $15.00 and that half of that will be donated to GOC funds.  Click Here for samples.

The Music of Eaglecrow

 Compositions for the Native American Flute

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Poems and Essays

Table of Contents:

Poems by Eaglecrow (Larry Walker)

  • The Tempest
  • Some Thoughts on my Grandfather
  • Soul Cry
  • Wings
  • Come See!
  • Monday Morning
  • It’s Back
  • A Poem to My Daughter
  • God’s Breasts
  • Grief Man
  • My Friend

Poems & Essays by WinterFox (Cliff Buchanan)

  • Wannabe
  • The Pipe That Would Not Light

Essay by Francine Barrett (Summer Sun) Shamanic Journey of Saturday, August 9, 1997.

Continue reading “Poems and Essays”

How GOC Began

The Gathering of Circles was born out of an idea. An idea shared by three men, Patrick McNulty, Dan Leonard, and Bobby Ashworth, having coffee one day. “Wouldn’t it be nice if people from all the various circles got together for a camp out and we all could just celebrate knowing each other. “Yeah, and we could share our talents and our knowledge and could practice our workshop presentations on each other and wouldn’t that be a great gift.” So that is how the GOC began. We just did it!