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GOC By Zoom starts Friday!

Our GOC Zoom event starts Friday 6:00 pm Mountain Time.
For Zoom information, instructions, practice and detailed schedule go HERE
If you have not registered for the event please RSVP HERE
T-Shirt Sales have been extended to Sunday August 02, 2020! Go HERE to order your T-Shirt.
If you have not ordered your GOC Book, “Sacred Mountain – Sacred Home” please go Here
We have a practice Zoom meeting set for Thursday 6:00 pm Mountain Time. If you have not used Zoom before, please join us for this practice session HERE use passcode GOC2020


Hello GOC friends and family. 

On Sunday May 24th the 19 member GOC council met and unanimously decided that GOC 2020 would be held online July 31st- Aug 2nd.  Of course it would be everyone’s preference to meet on the mountain as normal, however due to the current and foreseeable large gathering restrictions and safety concerns, it was decided that this is the best way to proceed.  Gathering without our yearly permit and our porta potties would not be wise. We would damage our Sacred Mountain and jeopardize the ability to get permits for future GOC events.  So let’s seize the opportunity provided to gather, connect, experience the GOC in an ONLINE ZOOM format! It will provide a chance for some to participate that normally could not.  A schedule of events is being prepared as well as links to Zoom online which will be our cyber-service. 

Please be on the lookout for future updates and information.
On behalf of your GOC council, I thank you,

Steve Lake- GOC council chairman


Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home

The Gathering Of Circles is very excited to publish a book this year in 2020! It is called “Sacred Mountain – Sacred Home.” You can learn more below. You can click on the cover page below to view a sample of the book.

Taking the Mountain Home with Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love
The Transcendent Wisdom of the Gathering of Circles
Told Through the Stories of Many
Whose Lives It Transformed
Bob and Wanda Mama Uma Wade

Click here

2020 Keynote Speaker – Windwalker

Windwalker is a third generation Medicine Woman/ Shaman taught by her grandmother’s mother’s clan.  Her mother’s tribe is Mic-Mac and her father’s tribe is Cherokee, and Lenape.  Since the age four Windwalker’s grandmother taught her all the medicinal that will heal the inner waters within us that carry disease or known in the holistic medicine as dis-ease.

The GOC is pleased to announce Windwalker as our speaker this year.

For more info Click Here

Vision Questing During A Pandemic

When will the pandemic end? What will the post-pandemic culture look like? I doubt that it will return to business-as-usual, despite what many people want, but my vision isn’t 20/20 about when or what our culture will experience.

I am hopeful that it will abate this summer and we can proceed with the Gathering of Circles the last week of July and the 2020 BearHeart Vision Quest the first week of August. There had been a lot of interest in the Vision Quest prior to the pandemic, so I hope we can be on the mountain for the quest. Many people wanted to quest, and now many more may be called to sit on the blanket and be open for what Spirit wants to give them after whatever they experienced this Spring.

For more Click Here

2020 Planning Meeting to take place by ZOOM only!

Hello friends, greetings and blessings.

  Due to the situation with Corona/ Covid-19 virus, we are no longer encouraging people to travel to attend the GOC 2020 Planning Meeting in person but rather to participate online.

  The planning meeting will still go on as planned at 2pm Phoenix time, 3 Mountain, 4 Central, 5 Eastern.

You will need to Download or have Zoom for meeting (free)  Download Zoom

We ask that everyone sign on one hour ahead of time to resolve any technical issues.

A ZOOM meeting number is here 546-312-670  o access the planning meeting.

.See Zoom instructions here:

  We encourage everyone to participate. Let us look ahead to better times on our Sacred Mountain Sacred Home with GOC 2020

We still would like your ideas for T-shirts   “Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home” send to T Shirt Submissions

  Coordinator positions are still available to lead or assist.

  Blessings to you and all that you love.

Steve Lake  on behalf of the GOC council

GOC 2020 Planning Meeting, March 28th, Pheonix AZ

Greetings everyone !!  We are thrilled to announce the location and time of our annual planning meeting. ALL ARE WELCOME IN PERSON OR ONLINE. We all together will decide many things pertaining to GOC 2020. In addition we will be filling coordinator positions and assistants. As you know GOC is a volunteer event and we need your efforts and assistance. For a list of the positions as they were filled last year CLICK HERE  For the current year 2020 click HERE! Please contact me if you wish to volunteer specifically or generally, Volunteer for GOC 2020  We all together make it great. Also if you have a workshop/presentation you would like to give please contact Irene Ramos as she will be this years workshop coordinator Irene for workshops. Submit your workshop here!

  The theme for GOC 2020 is SACRED MOUNTAIN, SACRED HOME  we also welcome your T-shirt designs. We all will select one at the planning meeting. Email your T-Shirt designs here: T-SHIRT DESIGNS