2019 Welcome Letter

2019 Welcome Letter for new subscribers to GOC mailing list

Welcome to GOC 2019

Welcome, Welcome Back, Welcome Home

Greetings and boundless blessings,

My name is Steve Lake, I am The Gathering of Circles council chairman. On behalf of the entire council team and all of your friends on the mountain, I would like to personally welcome and thank you.  Whether you are a multi-year veteran or have yet to feel the mountain magic, the sun will greet you warmly, rising through the trees, welcoming you to your new day. We greet you with the same enthusiasm and affection.

The mailing list, the website http://www.gatheringofcircles.com, and the Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/gatheringofcircles/  serve not only to keep you informed, but are essential avenues for your feedback, comments, and participation. All are needed as GOC is constantly evolving, reinventing itself, and growing yearly. Your experience this year, your GOC, will only be enriched by becoming involved, participating and staying informed.
Look for announcements such as schedules, special events, planning meeting, theme and T-shirt ideas. So, I encourage you to read the occasional e-mail and explore the website as you might explore the mountain itself.

Again, Greetings and Thank You!
Steve Lake