2019 Planning Meeting Invitation

You are invited! You are needed!
Celebrating 25 Years in Spirit!
It’s Epic!

We are thrilled and excited to be celebrating 25 continuous years of The Gathering of Circles. We are planning on a big year, with extra guest speakers, an earlier start, a welcome lodge for early arrivals among other exciting activities, new and old. But we need your help. Your GOC requires many volunteers, coordinators, and good-hearted people willing to step up or simply lend a hand. Experience the joy of service to yourself and others by helping out. There’s something for everyone’s ability or interests.

  It all starts with registration 2019 GOC registration and the yearly planning meeting where service positions are assigned. Coordinator Positions

  Your attendance at the planning meeting is both encouraged and needed RSVP To attend in person. It will be held this year, Sat March 30th 2pm Mountain Time, at the home of Cesar Rosatto in El Paso Tx map quest directions. This year as last, the meeting will be available online if you cannot attend in person. To attend online, go to ZOOM.us/join , join a meeting, Type in the Meeting number of 546-312-670 . Do this at least 30 minutes before the meeting time of 2:00 pm MST. Contact Cliff Buchanan 432-553-1147 for instructions. O  Our theme this year is  Celebrating 25 Years in Spirit  It’s Epic!  So, lets see your best T-shirt ideas! We will pick one design at the planning meeting. Send your design ideas to me Steve Lake T-Shirt Designs

  We will have a pot luck dinner after the meeting and a dinner out for early arrivals Fri 7pm RSVP Fri Dinner and a possible sweat lodge Sunday morning.

Also, as you visit the GOC website to register and explore be sure to take a look at The Bearheart Vision Quest spaces fill up fast for this and word is spreading about this special yearly opportunity sponsored by Mike Two Bears.

RSVP for Planning meeting here

  Looking forward to making 2019 EPIC! 

The following people Have RSVPed as of 03/28/2019:

Mike Two Bears Andrews (Friday) (Sweat)
Bobby Ashworth (Friday) (Sweat)
Pam Ashworth (Friday)
June Baldwin (Friday)
Cliff Buchanan (Friday)
Joseph Candia (Friday) (Sweat)
Tom Casey (Sweat)
Steve Lake (Friday) (Sweat)
Lisa Lake (Friday) (Sweat)
Cathy Martin (Sweat)
Karen McGinnis (Friday)
Ed Ramos (Sweat)
Irene Ramos (Sweat)
Cesar Rosatto (Friday) (Sweat)
Wanda Wade (Friday) (Sweat)
Bob Wade (Friday) (Sweat)

Ann Blacketer (ZOOM) Phoenix
Chris Flores (ZOOM) San Antonio
Kathy Two Hawks (ZOOM) Phoenix
Sarah Hilbert (ZOOM) Abilene
Beth and Becca Marietta (ZOOM) Abilene
Vanja Sivertsen (ZOOM) Norway
Catherine Rose Strecko (ZOOM) Quebec


 Steve Lake, GOC council chairman and gear hauler