2017 Workshops & Schedule

Workshop 01

Mike Andrews – Deep Prayer: Ceremony Beyond Words
7laughs@newmex.com 575-770-4321
PO Box 577, Arroyo Seco NM 87514
Thursday 3:00 to 4:45

Mike Andrews

There are as many ways to pray as there are people. In this workshop/ ceremony, we will learn, use, and discuss in a dialogue circle a technique that Gregg Braden taught that took me very quickly to a very, very deep space, beyond words; to the ineffable.

My path for the last 25 years has been based on service, with a focus on Ceremonies. The word “beyond” has been important for many of these years since it implies there is “something ” out there, but doesn’t necessarily identify what it is and allows people to develop what “beyond” is for them. The questions “What is beyond Wisdom?” and “What is beyond Unconditional Love?” have led me to “What is Ceremony Beyond Words?”.

Workshop 02

Onashka Hernandez – Kundalini Energy
onashka@yahoo.com 325-320-8566
6247 Summerhill Rd #C, Abilene TX 79601
Friday 9:00 to 10:45

Onashka Hernandez

Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness, and consciousness. Practitioners call Kundalini yoga the yoga of awareness because it focuses primarily on practices that expand sensory awareness and intuit

Onashka Hernandez has over 20 years of experience teaching/studying relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga. She was a founder for the Waterloo Counseling Center in Austin Texas. She is certified as a teacher for emotionally disturbed children and a kundalini yoga instructor. She currently works with hospice.

Workshop 03

Alice Edwards – Letting go and healing the spirit: A writing experience
alicevoedwards@gmail.com 702-286-9414
6085 W. Twain Avenue, Suite 203, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Thursday 3:00 to 4:45

Alice Edwards

Participants will be guided to write about a loss in their life that they need to let go of and move forward from. Writing prompts will be provided to guide individuals in this writing journey which includes meditation, documenting the loss, how they felt, what they miss, and what they wish they could convey to those lost.

Alice Vo Edwards is business consultant and personal coach working with diverse clients in her hometown of Las Vegas and internationally. Her focus is understanding and managing the whole person including stress management, while improving the human experience of life and empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Alice has published multiple books, exploring the depth and range of human emotions including My Best Friend Died, Ambrosia, and Put Away the Razor.

Workshop 04

Mike Kelley – A Baha’i Approach to Prayer and Meditation
mkelleyrun@yahoo.com 806-765-0441
26A Comanche Drive, Lubbock TX 79404
Thursday 1:00 to 2:45

Mike Kelley

We are, at our core, spiritual beings living in a material world. Feeding one’s own spirit is essential to progress in this world and preparation for progress of our souls in the next. But how do you pray and meditate; to Whom; what for and who for? We will examine different prayers and quotes from the Baha’i Writings as a basic guide and use these as a basis to share our own practice and exchange ideas on how to form your own daily ceremony to feed your soul and speak to Spirit.

Mike is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker / therapist / retired who has worked over 40 years with addiction, mental illness, and criminal justice issues, in community and private practice. Now he spends his time cycling, running, reading and trying again to learn French. He has participated in the GOC since its inception, led men’s retreats, sweats, workshops and presentations. He has been a follower of the Baha’i Faith almost 50 years and involved in promoting Interfaith activities.

Workshop 05

Mama Uma Wanda Cloud Dancer Wade – Beyond the Emotion Code: Using Muscle Testing and Intuition to Enhance Your Healing Work
mamauma62@gmail.com 254-592-8774
326 Hurt Street, Dublin TX 76446
Friday 11:00 to 12:45

Wanda Wade

As a body worker and a Shamanic practitioner I have had very good results with my clients however I really wanted it to see them well for longer periods of time. The help I needed came to me through an Emotion Code workshop. As I learned the technique I was so surprised at how well it worked for what I was doing and grew into so much more. Once I learned the technique I began to understand a wide range of possibilities, with the right attitude and guides there is no limit to what can be done. I use the technique to release attachments. From there I go to the vibration of the emotion that attracted the attachment. The first emotions that show up are often present circumstances or childhood trauma. At this point we can go anywhere including inherited, genetic and karmic emotions. This all depends on how much work the person has done and how willing they are to continue to work. In my practice I will do readings before the client shows up. In the reading I will release attachments, find where the emotion or trauma is being held in the body and whatever is ready to be healed in this session. I only discuss what is necessary for their healing never using this technique for anything other than the essentials of healing. The mystery of the reading is important as well. These are done in private. Very rarely do I share this with anyone. Usually the work is done on the body but can be done remotely if necessary. In meditation I will know what bodywork and or energy work the client needs to help them process this through. You can use whatever work you do to cleanse the symptoms from the body. This technique can also be used to help loved ones into the light if their transition is incomplete.

This workshop will be open to people who are currently doing healing or counseling work of some sort. Knowing how to make yourself a hollow bone and understanding that this is all Grace, not us as separate entities, is essential to this work.

We will have a volunteer or volunteers to work with and perhaps even some among us. Once we learn the technique we will practice on each other.

We will use a pendulum as a medium for this work. Bring yours if you have one. I will have some extras.

This will be done in sacred healing ceremony as a group of healers.

Mother of four, Grandmother of three and wife of artist Bob Stuth-Wade are a few of my titles. Dancer, Yogi, Artist, Gardener and cook are a few more. The truth is I am none of these things. As my life unfolded Spirit began to take me down the path of healing. When I first heard the call I tried to avoid it as I have never felt I was prepared to do it. I am still working on me but the message was sent and I heard that this path would heal me too. So here I am available for whatever use I might be for Spirit, just a soul connecting with other souls in the spirit of oneness and love. With a grateful heart I offer what I have learned and know that I will learn from all of you.

Workshop 06

Bob Wade – Tai Chi for Healing Relationships
wblwade@yahoo.com 254-592-8774
236  Hurt Street, Dublin TX 76446
Thursday 3:00 to 4:45

Bob Wade

Tai Chi is a martial art built on the physical expression of internal principles. The most fundamental of these is “The resolution of conflict through love.” (Bear Heart).

Through playful practice we will experience this principle and discuss ways to use it to heal our internal and external relationships.

Bob has practiced and studied martial arts for forty years. The last thirty he has focused on the study of Tai Chi, teaching, training and competing. Tai Chi has been a key to developing a rich internal life and maintaining good, solid relationships. Having been an artist most of his life, Bob lives with his wife Wanda in Dublin, Texas where they have lived for 41 years and raised their four children.

Workshop 07

Irene Ramos and Laura Barrera – Breaking down the illusions
ireneirisramos@yahoo.com 210-710-9059
361 W Ave F, Poteet TX 78605
lbarrera10@yahoo.com 210-618-3182
935 Patricia St, San Antonio TX 78213
Thursday 1:00 to 2:45

Laura Barrera
Irene Ramos

Breaking down the illusions. The Japanese believe we have three faces: 1)the one we show the world, 2)the one we show our friends and family, and 3)the one that only we get to see. Who are we when we remove the veils of illusion? 

Laura Barrera and Irene Ramos are students of Virgie Ravenhawk. 

Workshop 08

Charles Conatser – Shamanic Heart Healing
Cwconatser@aol.com 806-790-4128
1915 33rd Street, Lubbock TX 79411
Friday 9:00 to 10:45

Charles Conatser

Healing your heart and finishing unfinished business using singing, dancing, rattleing, drumming, and journeying. 

Practitioner and teacher of shamanic methods of healing for over 30 years. PhD math/physics University of Illinois. 


Workshop 09

Jo Conatser – SoulCollage Workshop
1915 33rd Street, Lubbock TX 79411
Thursday 1:00 to 2:45

This creative, intuitive, and engaging process offers an exploration of and opportunity for greater understanding of the rich tapestry of one’s inner and outer universe. This mindful practice of creating SoulCollage® cards (no artistic ability required!) is intended to expand one’s awareness in connection and relationship to self, others, the world around us, spirit, and beyond.  It can nurture your personal, professional, and spiritual growth, enhance your well being, serve as a healing and therapeutic tool, and evolve your ‘way of being.’

BSW, SW has been a SoulCollage facilitator for two years. She has participated in many workshops in Texas and Arizona. She has also studied through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies as well as Seton Cove in Austin, Texas.

Workshop 10

Vickie Rister and Anita Fowler – Magnet Therapy and Energy Healing
vvrister@gmail.com 325-660-7371
1217 Larned LN, Abilene TX 79602
anitakfowler@gmail.com  325-518-1547
342 E CR 606, Tuscola TX 79562
Friday 11:00 to 12:45

Anita Fowler
Vickie Rister









Anita Fowler, RN and Vicky Rister RN are versatile health professionals trained in medical biomagnetism by Dr David Goiz, son of Dr. Isaac Duran Goiz discoverer of the bio-magnetic Pair, Biomagnetism Research Institute, Mexico City. We are here to help! Anita in her integrative approach, is able to incorporate other modalities
such as Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Arcing Light, The Emotion Code, and Detox Protocols to help with the psycho-emotional causes of health concerns. Vicky in her holistic approach, incorporates shamanism, Quantum Touch and Healing with Angels to help with spiritual and emotional health concerns. The purpose of this workshop is to explore alternative healing choices involving the 5 th Element of Life (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) using the Goiz bio-magnetic pair technique and basic instructions for muscle testing yourself and others.

• Painless, no pills, shots or needles
• No side effects & fast results
• Compliments your conventional medical treatment
• Completely natural and non-invasive

Biomagnetism facilitates healing by balancing energy via body’s magnetic
fields, eradicating pathogenic microorganisms by prompting proper immune
response thus re-establishing physical health.

Vicky is a RN who worked in school nursing for 22 years and now owns Divine Intervention, a business to help the community grow with peace and understanding and Anita is also an RN and worked with heart patients for many years and now has her own business.

Workshop 11

Larry Bell – Aikido: Centering in Daily Life
mail@alternativeenergy1.org  928-521-0888
HC30 Box 2A Concho AZ 85924
Friday 11:00 to 12:45

Larry Bell

Learning the Power of Love as Martial Art. Effective defense by extension of center, relaxed power.

Received first blackbelt in Aikido in 1980. Have practiced since, some 30 plus years.


Workshop 12

Kathy TwoHawks – Herb walk to discover local moutain healing plants
ladytwohawks@cox.net  602-989-8468
7388 West Rancho Drive, Glendale, AZ 85303
Friday 9:00 to 10:45

Kathy TwoHawks

We will take a walk along some of the trails and off the trails to find and learn about the healing plants that grwo on the mountain that will help in an emergency for first aid and healing.

I am a traditionaly trained Pejuta Win of the Lakota Tribe.