2020 Keynote Speaker

2020 GOC: Sacred Mountain – Sacred Home

Windwalker Dorn

World Renowned Native American Healer

Windwalker is a third generation Medicine Woman/ Shaman taught by her grandmother’s mother’s clan.  Her mother’s tribe is Mic-Mac and her father’s tribe is Cherokee, and Lenape.  Since the age four Windwalker’s grandmother taught her all the medicinal that will heal the inner waters within us that carry disease or known in the holistic medicine as dis-ease.

           Through herbal remedies and full body work (also known as massage) the Medicine Women/Shamans would take the dis-ease out of the body primarily through the hands and feet.  Also at the same time, heal the client mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for future growth.

           These ancient healings as a Medicine Woman, Windwalker has been known to remove different kinds of cancers; heal broken bones; assist recover drug and alcohol addictions; clients stop smoking; help mental disorders; assist veterans, battered women and children; healing all types of animals and many more.  The miracles never stop to amaze Windwalker with what the ancestors have passed down from generation to generation.  To this day it is great to see the modern medicine and ancient ways cohabitating most effectively with one another.

           Windwalker’s goal is to help and heal everyone that she meets throughout this lifetime.  Through these healings she can tell where the body is in distress and assist in removing these burdens the client may carry from not only the present but also from past lives.  Through the Healing or Inner Waters Workshops conducted by Windwalker, she passes on these ancient ways to have them available for those generations yet to come.  Some of the methods used in the healing techniques not only include the hands but also shell medicine, drumming, flute, and ancient songs to name a few.

           For information, contact Windwalker at home phone 619-443-5826, cell phone 575-418-7461, or email at windspiritdrum@yahoo.com

Note from Irene Ramos, Keynote Speaker Coordinator

Early in 2020 members of the Ravenhawk Clan attended a workshop in San Antonio, Texas. The two day training was on The Healing Waters within, a primal healing with rattle and drum that uses various shells to clear energy and draw potential from Deep within our primal soul. 

The woman facilitating the training was a tall fair skinned woman with hair dyed jet black. She dressed in native traditional clothing and had blue eyes. At first blush most would say this woman is not an indigenous woman but we would all soon learn the power of her song, energy and the healing she teaches which she acquired from her training by her Native American grandmother.  There is a great power in Windwalkers voice that moves the energy when she sings and it comes from her heart. Windwalker is not without her struggles which is one that we all face when we choose to follow the Mother Earth Spiritual path yet have not been born on a reservation, cannot trace our tribal lineage or simply do not know what tribe we are due to that lost connection of the not to distant turmoil of the past. Windwalker was raised learning her tribal songs and traditions which she teaches with pride despite judgement from critics. 
Windwalker is a Grammy nominated performer that travels performing, does teaching at schools about Native American tradition and stories. She has many accolades, far too many to list here and our hope is that you enjoy the presentation and teachings of our new teacher and friend Windwalker. May her songs and stories become a part of you as she has become a part of us.