2017 GOC Raffle

Wanda “Mama Uma” Wade invites you to submit a raffle item for our fundraiser!

Please review the items below and choose the one or ones for which you would like to buy tickets ($1.00 each). Tickets can be purchased before the GOC 2017 event August 2 thru August 6. This allows people who cannot attend for various reasons to participate in the drawing. Your item (if you are the winner) will be shipped to you after the gathering. You can pay online or by check. If you pay online, Be sure to email Wanda a list of what you are bidding on by number so she can obtain the right number of tickets for your specified items.

We are also going to do something new this year. There will be a silent action (limited to ten items) this year so feel free to donate for that also.

Wanda Wade, 254-592-8774, mamauma62@gmail.com
Make your donation payment here .

001 Small crystal geod

Item # 001 Donated by Nell Baldwin






002 Geod slice with candle behind

Item # 002 Donated by Nell Baldwin






003 Three Riendeer Candle Holders

Item # 003 Donated by Nell Baldwin






004 Red Fox Face by Lou Dale

Item # 004 Donated by Nell Baldwin






005 Ceramic Donut

Item # 005 Donated by Nell Baldwin






006 East Indian Drum Rattle

Item # 006 Donated by Nell Baldwin






007 Hand Made Filet Knife

Item # 007 Donated by Nell Baldwin






008 Cooper Lizard

Item # 008 Donated by Nell Baldwin






009 Deer Antler Dream Catcher

Item # 009 Donated by Nell Baldwin






010 Sterling Silver Handmade Stamped Belt Buckle

Item # 010 Donated by Cliff Buchanan