2020 T-Shirt Order Form

GOC 2020 T-shirts:

Our theme this year is: “Sacred Mountain Sacred Home!
Direct any questions to the T-Shirt coordinator:
Yuyu Tu  623-687-7716 tshirts@gatheringofcircles.com 

The logo was done by our very own Mama Uma, Wanda Wade.

Sacred Mountain Sacred Home image was inspired by the warm, inclusive nature of the Gathering of Circles.

The mountain top glows golden with firelight as people join together in the dance of love and spirit. Colorful tents dotted around on mountain peaks symbolize our many circles coming together. Warm golden firelight radiating from the windows of the house is the same sacred fire being kindled and renewed as we return to our daily lives.

Navy Long Sleeve
Navy Long Sleeve
Royal Blue Long Sleeve
Royal Blue Long Sleeve
Navy Short Sleeve
Navy Short Sleeve
Royal Blue Short Sleeve
Royal Blue Short Sleeve
All T-shirts are $25.00. Shipping free! Short and long sleeves!
Navy and Royal Blue only! 100% Cotton.

All orders must be in no later than Sunday August 02, 2020!!! 

NEW! All t-shirts will be shipped FREE!


Step 1. Fill in the T-shirt order form completely. This includes your contact info as well as your orders. There are ten order fields. You must use at least one. Be sure to fill in the total money field at the bottom. Do not use a $ sign! When finished, click the SUBSCRIBE button. If there are no errors, you will be presented with an ORDER page reflecting what you just submitted or you will get an email of what you ordered. It is strongly recommended that you print your order. You will receive a conformation email of your order from the T-shirt Coordinator. Please check it for accuracy.

Step 2. Pay for your t-shirts below by clicking the GOC T-Shirt Payment button. You can choose to pay by PayPal, credit card, or bank account. We encourage you to use the CLICK HERE LINK button below because it makes a permanent record of your payment. Also, we have to pay for the t-shirts when the order is placed so please pay NOW! If you wish, you can pay by check or cash at the GOC event in July. Please direct any questions to the T-shirt coordinator. That email is tshirts@gatheringofcircles.com   or phone/text Yuyu Tu at 623-687-7716.

After you submit your order then return here and and click the following button to pay online: CLICK HERE

Step 3. Use Order one thru Order ten (if necessary) to specify your T-shirt order. We are offering four styles of shirts, sizes available as listed. The 4 styles are:

  1. Navy Long Sleeve – NLS
  2. Royal Blue Long Sleeve – RBLS
  3. Navy Short Sleeve – NSS
  4. Royal Blue Short Sleeve – RBSS

The format for each Order line is: quantity, style, size, money. For example:

Order one:   “2, RBSS, L, $50”

would be 2 T-shirts, Style: Royal Blue short sleeve, large, total $50. Use up to ten order lines. Do not include the dollar sign in the Total Amount field! Use the garment measurement chart above to determine the size.



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