2020 Planning Meeting Invitation


We invite you to the GOC 2020 Planning Meeting

Greetings everyone !!
We are thrilled to announce the location and time of our annual planning meeting. ALL ARE WELCOME BY ZOOM ONLY. We all together will decide many things pertaining to GOC 2020. In addition we will be filling coordinator positions and assistants. As you know GOC is a volunteer event and we need your efforts and assistance. For a list of the positions as they were filled last year CLICK HERE  Please contact me if you wish to volunteer specifically or generally, Volunteer for GOC 2020  We all together make it great. Also if you have a workshop/presentation you would like to give please contact Irene as she will be this years workshop coordinator Irene for workshops.

  It all starts with 2020 GOC registration and the yearly planning meeting where volunteer positions are assigned. You can read the job descriptions of the many volunteers here: Coordinator Positions
Then review the people who have volunteered for the current year HERE!

  Your attendance at the planning meeting is both encouraged and needed RSVP To attend by ZOOM. It will be held this year, Sat March 28th 2pm Mountain Time. This year as last, the meeting will be available online if you cannot attend in person. To attend online, go to ZOOM.us/join , join a meeting, Type in the Meeting number of 546-312-670 . Do this at least 30 minutes before the meeting time of 2pm Phoenix time, 3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern. . Contact Cliff Buchanan 432-553-1147 for instructions. If you are new to Zoom PLEASE set up a time to test with Cliff!! Our theme this year is  Sacred Mountain, Sacred Home.  So, lets see your best T-shirt ideas! We will pick one design at the planning meeting. Email your design ideas to me Steve Lake T-Shirt Designs

  We will have a pot luck dinner after the meeting and a dinner out for early arrivals Fri 7pm RSVP Fri Dinner and a possible sweat lodge Sunday morning. POT LUCK AN D DINNER CANCLED!

Also, as you visit the GOC website to register and explore be sure to take a look at The Bearheart Vision Quest spaces fill up fast for this and word is spreading about this special yearly opportunity sponsored by Mike Three Bears.

RSVP for Planning meeting here

  Looking forward to making the best year ever!!! 

The following people Have RSVPed as of 3/27/2020:


  1. Melissa Acevedo
  2. Bobby Ashworth
  3. Mike Andrews
  4. Amalia Baca
  5. June Baldwin
  6. Kate-MorningStar Bednarski
  7. Ann Blacketer
  8. Cliff Buchanan
  9. Joseph Candia
  10. Lois Colbridge
  11. Steve Lake
  12. Cathy Martin
  13. Karen McGinnis
  14. Brett Messer
  15. Ed Ramos
  16. Irene Ramos
  17. Gerald Richard
  18. Susan Serin
  19. CatherineRose Strecko
  20. Suzanne Stewart
  21. Love SwimmingBear
  22. Yuyu Tu
  23. Kathy Two Hawks
  24. Wanda Wade
  25. Bob Wade
  26. Tabitha Zeanda

Pipe Carriers

  1. Melissa Acevedo
  2. Mike Andrews
  3. June Baldwin
  4. Cliff Buchanan
  5. Steve Lake
  6. Brett Messer
  7. Ed Ramos
  8. Gerald Richard
  9. Love SwimmingBear
  10. CatherineRose Strecko
  11. Kathy Two Hawks
  12. Wanda Wade
  13. Bob Wade

 Steve Lake, GOC council chairman and gear hauler