Workshop Coordinator

Workshop Coordinator

Workshop Coordinator changes every year. A new coordinator helps keep the
workshop ideas, presenters and program at the Gathering organized and moving

This person oversees putting out the call for workshops on the web site,
reviewing each presenters workshop to ensure it fits with the overall G.O.C.
program and requirements, then working with the Council to get the workshops
set for each day of the event. Make the schedule of workshops that run each day
and coordinate the location where the workshop will be held with each presenter.
Have workshops for each day listed at the welcome tent and announce any
changes to the location of workshops to help keep all running on time and within
the schedule. Be ready for weather and quick changes in the event there are any.
Report the final evaluation of the workshops and attendance at each at the end of
the Gathering to the Council.

This is a good way for anyone wanting to get involved in the event to get their
feet wet and get to know a lot of the people attending the event. Good
organizational skill is a plus, but not a must.

Previous coordinators have included Shawna, Wanda, Ceasar

Revised description 11/13/17 by Kathy Two Hawks