Wood Coordinator

Role name: Wood Coordinator


Role type: GOC Event Coordinator

This person is responsible for obtaining at least two cords of wood to be used for sweat lodges, sweet medicine dance, and campsite fires.


Previous Servants in this Role:

Cliff Buchanan

Responsibilities List:

            Before GOC: Line up where to get wood, determine price (delivered to site).

Possible sources:

JM FireWood Sales, Highrolls NM next to the fudge place, Call Josh Harper 575-446-9331 cell. jmfirewoodnm@icloud.com 31 S Bookout Tularosa nm 88352. $20 per bucket, 4 buckets=1/2 cord. Used for 2018 GOC. Will take CC or check.

 Other sources:
Daniel Alarcon 575-491-9333 cell, 603 Victoria, Cloudcroft NM
Quote 2018 for two cords wood $300.

            During GOC: Stack wood neatly for sweet medicine dance, sweat lodges.

            After GOC: Left over wood is to be used for vision quest in following week.


Traditions Description about the role:


Other Notes: Wood will be paid for from GOC funds (credit card preferred or check).


Modified 06/28/18 Cliff Buchanan