Wood Coordinator

Role name: Wood Coordinator

 Role type: GOC Event Coordinator

This person is responsible for obtaining at least two cords of wood to be used for sweat lodges, sweet medicine dance, and campsite fires.

Responsibilities List:

Before GOC: Line up where to get wood, determine price (delivered to site).

Possible sources:

JM FireWood Sales, Highrolls NM next to the fudge place, Call Josh Harper 575-446-9331 cell. jmfirewoodnm@icloud.com 31 S Bookout Tularosa nm 88352. $20 per bucket, 4 buckets=1/2 cord. Used for 2018 GOC. Will take CC or check.

 Other sources:
Daniel Alarcon 575-491-9333 cell, 603 Victoria, Cloudcroft NM
Quote 2018 for two cords wood $300.

            During GOC: Stack wood neatly for sweet medicine dance, sweat lodges.

            After GOC: Left over wood is to be used for vision quest in following week.

Traditions Description about the role:

Other Notes: Wood will be paid for from GOC funds (credit card preferred or check).