Women’s Medicine Bundle Coordinator

Women’s Medicine Bundle Coordinator

This is a long standing tradition within the G.O.C.
The Bundle is a living prayer, the culmination of energy from past and present as well as many women’s communities who have shared prayers of healing with the Bundle as it is opened at women’s gatherings, both on and off the mountain.

The Women’s Bundle is about all things WOMAN. It is those who have come before on whose shoulders we stand and who have placed within its folds prayers and scrolls with love, joy, hurt, honor and grief. We look to the future as we encourage preteen to wise women to participate in the ceremony of creating a circle of women adding their hopes, dreams and prayers to the Bundle.

The Bundle is filled with items that women have released to be healed by the prayers
that will support them long after we have all left the mountain.
The Women’s Bundle is made of deer hide and cloth wrappings, simple coverings tied with hide strings. It holds the hopes, prayers, dreams, scrolls and items of all the women who have held it in their arms, danced with it during the Sweet Medicine Dance, cried into its body, planted seeds for the future generations and prayed for Mother Earth and mankind. It carries the prayers of the matriarchs that bind all our open hands together as we follow our many different paths, knowing we are different but all the same.

Participants may bring an item or a scroll to leave in the Bundle when it is opened, or choose to share energetically. They may choose to remove an item they have placed in the bundle previously.

Each year a woman is selected from the group attending the gathering who becomes the next keeper of the Women’s Medicine Bundle and carries the Bundle until the following year. This Bundle travels many miles and is held by many women in communities on and off the mountain. The Bundle carrier brings the Bundle back to be passed on to the next keeper of the Women’s Medicine Bundle.

This is the time we sing our women’s songs and tell our women’s stories to be carried on and shared for the future generations.