Welcome Table Attendance Cordinator

Ongoing during GOC

Provides one central location for information gathering and dissemination.


  • Before GOC:
    Set up welcome tent and tables (at least 2 long tables)  You will require help
    Put up signs, streamers, etc. indicating where to turn on road
    Put up signs on welcome tent
    (Above items are in the GOC trailer.)
    Procure event schedules, maps, brochures, etc. to be handed out to attendees
    (these are usually provided by Cliff)
    Procure and set up any other items needed for the welcome tent i.e. chairs,          white  boards, suggestion box, etc.
    Begin asking people to “man” the tent.  Remember, the tent will be open for the entire GOC.

During GOC:

Greet folks and help them to feel welcome
As people “check in” have them make sure our current contact information for
them is correct.  In the past we have had them sign in using a notebook although
in 2017 we will be using a laptop.

Give them information (schedule, brochure, map, etc.) and answer questions

Make sure the tent stays “manned”

Make sure that updates, schedule changes, workshop locations, etc. are available

You will need the help of MANY people in order to make this happen

After GOC:

Tear down and make sure all items are secured in the GOC trailer and/or returned

to the proper person

Police the area for trash