Vision Questing During A Pandemic

When will the pandemic end? What will the post-pandemic culture look like? I doubt that it will return to business-as-usual, despite what many people want, but my vision isn’t 20/20 about when or what our culture will experience.

I am hopeful that it will abate this summer and we can proceed with the Gathering of Circles the last week of July and the 2020 BearHeart Vision Quest the first week of August. There had been a lot of interest in the Vision Quest prior to the pandemic, so I hope we can be on the mountain for the quest. Many people wanted to quest, and now many more may be called to sit on the blanket and be open for what Spirit wants to give them after whatever they experienced this Spring.

Again, I am hopeful, but experts are saying it could last 18 months. In the event we can’t be on the mountain this summer, I have developed a parallel vision quest protocol that I call “Quest In Place”, where the quester can quest in their home (a spare bedroom, basement, back-yard) or in some area nearby. I am confident that this protocol can safely provide meaningful experiences and visions. In the past, I have put questers out in the sweat lodge structure and this is a similar process, but I will be further away. We will use Zoom for the face-to face activities. If you want more information on the Quest In Place process, please contact me and I will send you a more complete description of the process.

Again, this will be a parallel process and I am NOT cancelling at this time the quest near Cloudcroft. If it looks like we can be on the mountain (YIPPEE!), then I will NOT do the alternative Quest In Place process.

For the Quest In Place, I am asking for a donation of $100 to reserve your place, then an additional donation of $100 (total of $200) for the quest. The quest on the mountain also is a donation of $100 to reserve your place, plus an additional donation of $500 (total of $600), where the additional costs cover the food for the quest, firewood, and to cover my travel expenses, none of which will be in the Quest In Place. Yes, it costs less, but I personally would rather we all be on the mountain. If someone registers for the Quest In Place and we can be on the mountain, they can pay the additional donation or I will refund their deposit if they decide they don’t want to be on the mountain.

If you want to register for “the 2020 BearHear Vision Quest”, which might be on the mountain or Quest In Place, please do the following:
*Register on the GOC website (if you haven’t already done so).
*RSVP on the GOC website to attend the 2020 BearHeart Vision Quest.

Send me the following:
*A Letter of Intention on why you want to quest.
*A $100 deposit to hold your place.
*An unopened pouch of tobacco.
When I accept the tobacco, it is a contract between us that I have agreed to put you out on your quest.

I have said for many years:

Mike Three Bears
575 770-4321

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