T-Shirts Coordinator

Role name: T-Shirts Coordinator
Role type: GOC Event Coordinator and Ongoing Role

Short Description of Role Purpose: The T-Shirt Coordinator has an ongoing role throughout the year.  This role requires ability to manipulate digital images and communicate with T-shirt printer personnel regarding pricing options as well as designs.  Orders must be managed via e-mail, including feedback to those ordering and reports to the webmaster.

Responsibilities List:

Before GOC:

        Acquire GOC theme from GOC Council or Planning Committee

        Create “Calling for Designs” email via GOC Master Mailing list on MailChimp


o   Select and work with T-shirt printer (CustomInk used in past)

o   Receive designs & provide feedback to submitters

o   Convert designs as needed for T-shirt printing

o   Send design images to webmaster for voting page

        Orders – receive and track

        Maintain T-shirts spreadsheet

        Mark orders paid in advance by how paid [Paypal, credit card, check, cash]

        Provide frequent updates to web [copies of spreadsheet]

        Final design image quality

        Pricing & delivery schedule

        Receive printed shirts & package orders

        Transport shirts to gathering

        Take a money pouch for cash/checks & adequate $1, $5 bills for change

        Note: AT GOC – Credit Card Payments can be taken if prior arrangements made. No IOUs. 

During GOC:

•         Coordinate with Welcome Table for T-shirt distribution

•         Alert participants of T-shirt availability [include prior year’s inventory]

•         Collect $ and distribute orders

•         Turn over tracking/inventory summary & $$ to GOC Council before closing session


After GOC:

•         Contact any who did not pick up their orders to arrange for shipping

•         Draft notice for web re: inventory available for post-event orders

•         Summary report [email] to Planning Committee [what worked well; what did not seem to work well; new ideas for future gatherings; problems with events/people and resolutions; recommendations]

•          Hold remaining inventory for next year’s sale

Traditions Description about the role:

GOC Tradition or Ceremony:

·       The annual sale of GOC t-shirts is one of the primary fundraising activities that supports the GOC event.

·       Buying and wearing the yearly t-shirts is an easy way to advertise and start conversations about the GOC as community members go about their daily activities.