Saturday Night Drumming

Role Name:  GOC Saturday Night Drumming Coordinator

Role Type:  GOC Event Coordinator

Role Purpose:  Responsible for planning and leading the open drumming event on Saturday night.


Plan and lead the open drumming on Saturday night.  Make sure announcements are made so all know where the drumming will be held and at what time.  Anyone can attend, even if they don’t have a drum.  Other percussion instruments may be used such as rattles, sticks to keep rhythm, bells.

During the GOC:

Be available at all major events where announcements are made and promote the open drumming event.

Traditions Description:

The GOC has had this drumming as a longtime tradition to all attending to provide a relaxing and fun evening for anyone who attends.  Since there are no other instruments allowed at the Sweet Medicine Dance, this is an opportunity for everyone to MAKE SOME MORE NOISE!!