Raffle Coordinator

Role type :GOC Event Coordinator

Short Description of Role Purpose: To obtain donated items for Raffle, set up and maintain the raffle tent, coordinate ticket sales, hold raffle, count, report & announce sales total. 

Responsibilities List:

            Before GOC: Compose Email requesting donation items as well as a picture of item being donated. Keeping an ongoing list of donations, sending thank you emails,  & forwarding pictures of items to Cliff to place on website. Obtaining double style Raffle Tickets, stickers to number actual items, zip lock bags to hold ticket entries and permanent markers.

            During GOC: Set up raffle tent and tables; number items and corresponding zip lock bags for tickets; displaying items; coordinate volunteers for set up, ticket sales and running the actual raffle; tallying sales, giving sales report after Raffle & turning funds over to Cliff. Cleanup and takedown of tent and tables. 

            After GOC (if applicable):

Traditions Description about the role: The Raffle is an important part of the GOC because it helps fund the event, as well as giving people that may or may not attend the GOC an opportunity to support and participate in the GOC without a huge financial burden. In this way, it is very much a community building event.

            Materials and/or Sacred items needed for role: Donated Items , Tables, Permanent Markers, Item stickers for numbering items, Zip lock bags, Tape, Double style Raffle Tickets.