Fundraiser – New GOC Equipment Trailer, Welcome Canopy & Sweat Lodge

Greetings GOC Family!

Upgrades and Expansions to Equipment for an improved GOC experience. Woohoo!

We now have a completely enclosed equipment trailer for protecting and transporting all the GOC equipment. The new trailer is 6′ x 16′ and we acquired 4 new tires plus a new spare yesterday. Gone are the days of having to unload wet or wind torn supplies at the GOC ,AND, very importantly, the new trailer provides a permanent storage location for the equipment so that Cliff and June may reclaim abundant space in their personal storage shed!

We also have a new sweat lodge, and a new 10′ x 20′ canopy for the Welcome area and Raffle!

We are seeking $3500 in donations to reimburse Cliff Buchanan and the Main GOC operating account for the added expenses for these important acquisitions. Any size donation is most welcome!

Click Link to DONATE via Paypal with PayPal account or Credit Card

Steps once on PayPal page 1) enter Donation amount 2) Login to PayPal account and follow instructions. Add ‘instructions to vendor’ to earmark for GOC Trailer Fundraiser OR click the ‘Continue’ button to the Left to Donate via Credit Card.

Thank you for your kind support and for helping the GOC community to grow!

New Trailer