GOC Pancake Brunch

Role Type: GOC Pancake Brunch Coordinator

Role Purpose: The GOC PB Coordinator has been responsible for the Pancake Brunch held on Saturday during the Gathering of Circles each year.   The Pancake Breakfast started out 8 or 9 years ago and was at 800am on Saturday morning.  The Breakfast has been changed to Brunch and starting at 100pm on Friday afternoon.  This change was to have more time for workshops and general activities in camp— introductions, building sweat lodges, raffle and visiting.

Many, many people work on this project and it is fun!—frying bacon or sausage, making batter and flippin’ cakes!  Keeping syrup, butter, jam and juices available.

Before the GOC:

A week or two before the GOC, dry ingredients for the mix is mixed, measured out into baggies to be combined with wet ingredients on the day of the brunch.  Find it is easier to have dry ingredients premade for time and space.  I usually put measured baggies in freezer.

Materials Needed:  Four large mixing bowls, 3 at stove areas on table and one to keep mixing to refill the ones at stoves.  Three or 4 long spoons to mix with and 3 ladles for the mix.  Large skillet or 2 for cooking meats.  Three griddles for the cakes.  Three or 4 flippers (prefer longer handles).  Large towels or blankets for cooking tables (so the stoves do not slide).  Two long white tables.  Have a supply of paper plates, and forks and knives, cold cups for juice. (sometimes people bring their own).    All of the above are in the GOC trailer. 

Need to Purchase: Mix (recipe to follow), syrup, jam, butter, juice, bacon, ham or sausage or all.  Spray oil (2 or 3)

Brunch Morning:  Prepare 1st large batch of mix, place covered in ice chest.  Start meats and place some cooked in foil (be sure to place paper towels in bottom of foil).  Does not take long to cook pancakes.  Once pancakes are on the griddles, start another batch.

Tie 3 or 4 large bags on trees for trash.  Great if fire is burning at kitchen!  No burn plastic!  Takes about an hour for all to eat.

                                   WAFFLE/PANCAKE MIX

4 cups unbleached flour——————————-1 cup

4 cups whole wheat flour——————————1 cup

2 cups rye flour——————————————1/2 cup

2 cups cornmeal —————————————-1/2 cup

2 cups wheat germ————————————-1/2cup

1/2 cup oat bran—————————————–2 tbl

1 cup millett seed—————————————1/2 cup

5 tbl  baking powder (no alum)———————-1 1/2 tbl

1 tbl soda—————————————————1 tsp

1 tbl salt—————————————————–1 tsp

Mix 1 cup mix, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, 1tbl oil