GOC 2016 Workshops

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GOC 2016 Workshops – Friday


Mike Andrews and Joyce Anastasia:

Beyond Unconditional Love

 About the Workshop: This workshop will be a discussion of love in a dialogue circle, what unconditional love is, and what might be beyond unconditional love.

We will then participate in ceremonies to take us beyond unconditional love, or to prepare us to experience what is beyond unconditional love when we are open and ready to do that.

About Mike Two Bears Andrews: Mike Andrews, or Two Bears, has been participating in and leading ceremonies for 25 years. One of his main teachers was Marcellus Williams, or BearHeart, a Muskogee Creek and multi-tribal Elder. On his Vision Quest before the 2015 Star Fire Sun Dance, he was told his altar would be based on Joy, Compassion, and Love. He lives in the mountains near Taos, NM. 7laughs@newmex.com

About Joyce Anastasia:  With 35 years of life/work experience nationally and internationally, Joyce Anastasia, serves as a transformational leadership consultant, global healing ambassador and workshop facilitator. She is dedicated to assisting humanity to treat All Our Relations with deep respect and honor, particularly through the 7 Vital Keys to Lead With Greater Wisdom. joyceanastasia@gmail.com

Bob Wade and Larry Bell:

Aikido and Tai Chi, Two Paths, One Truth

 Bob Wade 1  Bob Wade

About the Workshop: Aikido (The Way of Harmonizing Chi) and Tai Chi (Supreme Ultimate) are both martial arts based on consciousness, relaxation, harmony of energies and fluid application. Training is often about unlearning habits of physical and mental tension. Aikido and Tai Chi return the player to a natural way of being and moving. By heightened awareness and surrendering tension the ability to respond appropriately. Compulsive behavior becomes conscious.

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969, expressed the truth of his art and Tai Chi beautifully,”Aiki is the way of the universe. It is the source of the principles of life.” “Love is the guardian of everything. Nothing can exist without it. Aikido is the realization of love.” Aikido and Tai Chi are, ironically, martial arts of non-resistance, harmony and love.

About Us: In this workshop Sensei Larry Bell (Aikido) and Sifu Bob Wade (Tai Chi) will present these profound arts and invite participants to experience the power and truth of Aikido and Tai Chi. Bob and Larry are both highly trained and intensely competent in their arts.


César Rosatto:

Indigenous Knowledge and Story Telling


About the Workshop: Indigenous knowledge within a holistic system and storytelling to re-earth the voice of the land, different histories and meaning-making systems which are rooted with the land emerge and challenge us to redefine our own sense of self and identity- who is involved in creating and shaping it; communities whose histories should inform our practices.

Sense of place demands the articulation of sustainability, of mutuality, of community.

How place and geography are powerful tools in educating communities by providing emancipatory knowledge.

Indigenous traditions allow room for interrogation of practices that address the survival of our eco-systems.

About Me: César A. Rossatto, Ph.D. is a University Professor, taught an Indigenous Education and Epistemology doctoral class. He is author of numerous publications including: Engaging Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of Possibility: From Blind to Transformative Optimism. He is a UCLA graduate with specializations critical multiculturalism, sociology of education. His main research interests are Ethics and spirituality; religious influences and immigration; social relations; identity formation. He is an international spokesperson and a senior publishing editor.


Brett Messer & Natalie Benningfield:

Holistic Health Experiential Workshop

Co-Founders Karuna Nurture and Wellness Center, LLC        Georgetown, Texas
512.931.9890 (Natalie)  512.516.2381 (Brett)

About the Workshop:  What’s your definition of Holistic Health? What does optimal health, wellness, and vitality mean to you? If you don’t currently experience perfect health, wellness, and vitality, do you know how to get there? Would it be helpful to you to have a roadmap, compassionate and loving guides, and like-minded travelers on your path to health in body, mind, and in Spirit?

The first step on the journey to holistic health is an awareness that something needs to shift and change for us to experience our very best health. We have been conditioned in varying degrees to believe in separation from each other and conditioned to believe that we don’t have control over our food supply and the full circle of our lives.  Step two on the journey is to gently cleanse all of who we are. Step three is an equally gentle shifting into new ways of being and raising our vibration day by day. Baby Steps = Sustained Transformation.

Join Brett & Natalie for an experiential journey into gentle cleansing of the body, mind, and Spirit during the workshop on Friday morning! A handout for your continued self-reflection and self-exploration will be provided.

About Us:  Together, we are partners in Life and the prime movers in Karuna Nurture and Wellness Center, LLC. KARUNA is a Sanskrit word for Compassion and we feel that compassion is central to everything we do as individuals, as a couple, and as active and awake participants in the global movement towards wellness, awakening, and full embodiment of Spirit.  Karuna Nurture and Wellness Center specializes in creating compassionate environments and experiences for healing, health, wellness, and spiritual growth. We bring our passion and magical blend of knowledge and gifts to join in the global challenge to the status quo in health care, food sourcing, and personal wellness. We are honored to share some of our passions with you! Natalie celebrates life as an intuitive singer, professional transformative coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and energy worker. Brett celebrates life as a holistic health practitioner, Certified Square Foot Gardener, minister, and counselor.

Kathy TwoHawks:

Learning More About Wild Crafting Herbs


 About the Workshop: In this work shop you will learn how to use the herbs that are found in the wild. We will explore how to gather and turn the herbs into remedies for use in your healing and first aid.

This is a continuation of the work shop from last year on identifying and gathering herbs in the wild for use in healing.

If you missed the work shop last year you can still join us on this journey!!

About Me: Master herbalist, Traditionally trained Medicine Woman, Keeper of the knowledge of the use of Native wild plants for personal healing.


Patsy Malin:

Change for a New Self – Changing the Habit of Being Yourself

patsy malin 1

About the Workshop: Many of us would love to change the trajectory of our lives.  Unfortunately, we cannot change from the old self.  The log of past and embodied emotional responses is not the place to discover new possibilities.

Most of us strive for self-acceptance to achieve peace of mind, but what if we could become a larger and different person?  Instead of living in stress, what about becoming more loving, or having more abundance, or anything you wished?  Step into the quantum world of possibilities and choose to leave behind old, self-defeating habits, cramped views of our possibilities, definitions of ourselves from an event or childhood that mesmerize and fixate us. Dr. Dispenza gives us the science and meditative model for transformation and healing.

About Me: I am a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ideas.  I have read his books many times, viewed for hours his presentations on You Tube, and attended a Level 2 workshop at Unity of the Hills in Austin.  I will explain his meditative model and perhaps we can try it.  Hard work, but truly transformational.  I will start you on the path. (Joe was a star of “What the Bleep Do We Know?”)