Give-Away Coordinator

This person is responsible for setting up the event in the time designated by the event schedule.  Announcements about the give-away need to be made during the Talking Stick portion of the opening ceremony, and posted on the board for the day of the event.

Responsibilities List:

Before GOC:  Talk to past coordinators and find out the history of the position and responsibilities.  Become familiar with the process so it runs smoothly.  This event is one of the traditional programs for the GOC.  It is essential that as the coordinator you keep in mind the time allotted in the schedule and keep the event moving at a good pace.  It is important that each person gifting and each person receiving has an opportunity to express their thoughts in a short period of time. Attend any pre-gathering meetings, ask for help if needed. Think about what you want to say before the start of the give-away, during and after.

During GOC:  Gather all the tools needed, a tarp and a blanket on which people place their give-away items, the talking stick for the circle.  As people come into the circle, direct them to the blanket to place their gift.  Keep the program moving by helping everyone get settled in a timely manner.  Timing is important, there will be an allotted time for this event and running over will put the rest of the schedule behind for the rest of the day.  Make sure that each person has time to express their time on the mountain, the reason they chose the give-away; usually this can be done in a few minutes, however if someone is rambling, you may have to quietly and gently urge them to wrap up their words so others have time to make their statements.

After GOC:  Take the time to write a short summary and forward it to the council or hand it to a member of the council so that we can use it to help the next coordinator and make the process easier for those who follow.

GOC Give-Away Tradition: This is a long-standing tradition in this community, from the first gathering to the present.  It is a practice in many Native American tribal traditions.  Each individual is asked to bring something from home that they are ready to “let go of” and gift to someone else.  It can be a book, rocks, medicine bag, toy, CD, just about anything has been gifted.  It should be something that has had a special meaning to you in the past and now it is time to give it to someone else who may benefit from the same gift you got from the item.  It is likely the object you bring jumps out at you as you are getting ready to come to the gathering or walking out the door to leave.  Let your intuition guide you! Then sit back and enjoy the fun and laughter of the Give-Away!  Your never know what amazing treasure you will receive with love included!!