Event Coordinator

Role name: GOC Event Coordinator

Role type: Ongoing Role

Role Purpose: Compile and organize the publication of the annual gathering program “pocket guide” to serve as a concise schedule for event attendees to gain information.

Responsibilities List: (Most of the work is done before the GOC)

Before GOC:

  • Listen to meeting recordings online to make note of any schedule decisions and begin compiling an organized day to day schedule of events.
  • Update all information on the electronic version of the schedule and add new information as needed.
  • Collaborate with the workshop session coordinator to plan the information schedule for workshops and Insert all necessary information and pictures.
  • Send draft to the Council for review starting in May and each month after for feedback and editing for accuracy.
  • Send final guide to printers with instructions on printing details and deadline for printing.

During GOC: Make certain that the guides reach the welcome tent prior to the arrival of guest so they can receive a guide as they sign in.

After GOC (if applicable): Take note of any feedback on improving the guide for next year.