Event Coordinator

GOC Event Pocket Schedule and Workshop Guide (new)

Traditions Description about the role:

            GOC Tradition or Ceremony: Use the Theme on the Cover and honor the leadership

            Other Tradition or Ceremony 1 (2, 3, etc):  Be certain to include all disclaimers in plain sight.

Materials and/or Sacred items needed for role: Funds to pay publishing have been donated by the coordinator that takes on the role.

Other Notes: There are np hard and fast rules but we do strive to be on a path of continuous improvement.

Role name: GOC Event Coordinator

Role type (Ongoing Role): GOC Event Coordinator

Short Description of Role Purpose (couple of sentences): Compile and organize the publication of the annual gathering program “pocket guide” to serve as a concise schedule for event attendees to gain information.

Responsibilities List: (Most of the work is done before the GOC)

            Before GOC: Listen to meeting recordings online to make note of any schedule decisions and begin compiling an organized day to day schedule of events.

Update all information on the electronic version of the schedule and add new information as needed.

Collaborate with the workshop session coordinator to plan the information schedule for workshops and Insert all necessary information and pictures.

Send draft to the Council for review starting in May and each month after for feedback and editing for accuracy.

Send final guide to printers with instructions on printing details and deadline for printing.

            During GOC: Make certain that the guides reach the welcome tent prior to the arrival of guest so they can receive a guide as they sign in.

            After GOC (if applicable): Take note of any feedback on improving the guide for next year. x