Council Member Coordinator

Role name: Council Member Coordinator   

Role type: Ongoing Role

Short Description of Role Purpose: Serves on the GOC Council by attending monthly meetings by an online virtual service (ZOOM).

List of Previous Servants in this Role: You may access the current council list here.

Responsibilities List:

Responsibilities List: GOC Council Guidelines
Being a GOC council member is an honor. It is an opportunity to be of service. However, these positions also come with duties and responsibilities including but not limited to participating in regularly-scheduled meetings, staying current on minutes and agenda items, making attendance a high priority; being willing to assist and help with GOC projects; attending the GOC; and holding this position with good intent and a voice for the greater good. There will be times that absence from meetings will be unavoidable but the minutes and tabled items, as well as the upcoming agenda, are available for review and future discussion. There will also be times where due to circumstances beyond their control a council member may have to miss meetings for an extended period of time. This should be discussed openly and lovingly with the GOC Council on a case-by-case basis with priority on intent.

The council will be limited to a maximum of 19 persons and a minimum of 15. New or
prospective members’ names should be submitted and approved by a majority vote of 50% or more of the entire council in meeting or in absentia but not by proxy. After approval the prospective member will be approached about their willingness and availability to serve. In the event that a council member needs to withdraw or be replaced, they may resign of their own accord at any time, resign after encouraged consideration or, if necessary, be removed by a 75 % vote of the entire council, after being given notice and the opportunity to speak to the council in meeting if they wish.

Before GOC: Attend monthly meetings, voice your opinion, vote your heart and participate.

During GOC: Be available to assist any participant by providing any requested information. or directing the person to another council member.

After GOC: Participate in the follow-up council meeting discussing what worked well and what did not work.

Traditions Description about the role: The council was formed officially in August 6, 2016 so it is a new tradition.

GOC Tradition or Ceremony: No ceremony or tradition.

Materials and/or Sacred items needed for role: The main item needed for being a council member is a computer, smart phone or tablet with camera and audio capability.

Other Notes: none.