2019 GOC Raffle

Greetings One & All!

In keeping with this year’s theme of “Celebrating 25 Years in Spirit. It’s EPIC!!”, I’d like to see this year’s raffle blow the top off all previous raffles.

Tickets this year will be $1 each. You can also earn one free ticket by completing a comment card. One per person, please.

I’d love to have pictures and descriptions of the items you’re all planning to contribute to this year’s EPIC Raffle. You can send them to me via email at bamarietta@gmail.com or you can text them to me at 325-514-0055. Please include the picture of the item(s), a brief description and the name of who is donating it. Last year, we had items arriving on just about every day of the Gathering. No need to be concerned if you want to donate but are not able to be there on Day One. Please bring your item(s)! We’ll get them set up to be bid upon on whatever day you can get them there.

As of the planning meeting on March 30th, I am unaware of any official volunteers for helping with this year’s raffle. If you feel guided by Spirit, and have some time to offer, please come by and I’m sure we can find a way for you to help.

This year, as in years past, I’d like to continue the tradition of holding a Silent Auction along side the Raffle. In order to avoid any confusion about where an item belongs (Raffle or Silent Auction), PLEASE be sure to speak directly to me for items for the Silent Auction so that we can be sure your wonderful contributions are set up with the info/bid sheets I have ready and waiting. I’d be so very sad if an item meant for Silent Auction ended up in the Raffle by mistake.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but, it’s only April. More later as needed!

Beyond Excited,

Beth Marietta