2019 GOC Workshops

Workshop Coordinator:

Cesar Rossatto

Cesar Rossatto
cesar.rossatto@gmail.com 915-603-6294
316 Resler Ridge Drive, El Paso TX 79912

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Workshop 01

Mike Kelly

White Privilege, White Blindness and the Privilege of Race

Description:  We need to Talk! About race. Starting with spiritual writings which note the oneness of humanity, we will see how science validates our connectedness. And how being White gives privilege, along with a blindness, we will create a dialogue about race to raise our awareness and sensitivity to “Americas most challenging issue.

Bio:  Mike is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker / therapist /retired who has worked over 40 years with addiction, mental illness, and criminal justice issues, in community and private practice. Now he spends his time cycling, running and reading. He has participated in the GOC since its inception, led men’s retreats, sweats, workshops and presentations. He has been a follower of the Baha’i Faith almost 50 years and involved in promoting interfaith activities.

First choice time:  Thursday afternoon 4 to 6

Workshop 02


Herbs and plants of the Mountain South West 
Kathy Two Hawks

602-989-8468 ladytwohawks@cox.net
7388 West Rancho Drive, Glendale AZ 85303

Description: Walk with me and discover herbs and plants that grow in our mountain environment.

Bio:  I am a Pejuta Win, traditionally trained and practicing herb woman of the Lakota People, a Master Herbalist, Master Leather Smith, Teacher, Speaker and the proud Grandmother of 7 Grandchildren

First choice time:  Wednesday morning 9 am to 11 am
Second choice time:

Workshop 03

Gerald Richard and Laura Hatchett

Ayni: Restoring the flow of synchronicity
Gerald Richard and Laura Hatchett 

Gerald: 505-990-9166 Inayat@q.com
Laura: 303-725-3583 laurahatchett@gmail.com

Description:  Come join us as we create a Despacho bundle to honor sacred reciprocity (Ayni) with the great mother (Pachamama) and perform the dance of Pachamama Renewal. A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering given to the earth through fire, water or burial. It can be used for a variety of reasons to honor a birth, death, request for healing, and to create Ayni (sacred reciprocity) with the earth. It is similar to a mandala in that we will be adding various elements to the bundle, which will raise the vibration or our surroundings as well as ourselves. It is a living prayer that will bring energy shifts and healing.

Despacho Bundle

Bio:  Gerald Richard Bio: I am a Reiki Practitioner, trained Hypnotherapist, retired LPN of 29 years. I have studied with Swami Kaleshwar in Penukonda India in the ways of Shakti healing. I have studied Peruvian medicine for the past 13 years both the Altomesayok lineage as well as the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. I am a Ceremonialist, I have been authorized to pour sweat lodge and am a Pipe Carrier in the ways of Bear Heart. My present calling is to be a force for healing and change in our world. My main focus of work is the Pachakuti Mesa. I have a deep connection to our mother and all of our relations through ceremony, gifting and the practice of good stewardship.

Laura Hatchett Bio:
I am an Artist, Ceremonialist and Mesa Carrier in the tradition of the Pachakuti Mesa as taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. I have been working with Peruvian Shamanism for 5 years…originally through the high-Andes Altomesayok tradition as taught by Alberto Villoldo and then currently through the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. I am a trained hypnotherapist, an ordained minister and have studied energy work. It is with great honor that I am a Pipe Holder in the ways of Bear Heart. I own my own dreamcatcher business in which I infuse my spiritual path and love of nature, rocks and color into my designs. I reside in New Mexico with my hubby of 11 years and our 7 feline children. It is my intention to continue growing with spirit and to be that vessel to help others facilitate their own healing through ceremony, classes and individual sessions. It is with humble service that I give back with sacred reciprocity to our blessed Pachamama (Mother Earth).

First choice time: Thursday afternoon 2 to 4 pm
Second choice time: 

Workshop 04


Learning, Laughing, Living to your Greatest Potential
CatherineRose Strecko
514-222-4924 bearheartwoman2012@gmail.com
7 des Érables, Morin Heights Quebec J0R1H0

Description: We are Vibrational Beings first ! Learn about vibrational frequency; to tap into your greatest desires & manifest them ! Shamanic journeying can lead to an intimate relationship with ourselves, nature and our sacred vision of life.We will use Drum Journeys to regain clarity and joy in our vibrational vortex.

Bio: CatherineRose BearHeartWoman has been sharing her teachings through events, workshops and ceremonies since 2003. She plays on a woman’s drum since 2010. She lives her life in a very loving, generous and authentic way. ”I believe we can co-create a new world of love, respect and acceptance through the sharing of our wisdoms.”

First choice time: Friday morning 2nd session
Second choice time: Friday morning 1st session

Workshop 05

Mama Uma
Bob Wade

Community Bundle
Wanda Mama Uma Wade and Bob Wade
254-592-8774 mamauma62@gmail.com
236 Hurt Street, Dublin TX 76446

Description: Mama Uma Wanda and Bob Wade will present the Community Bundle. We all bring something to this mountain gathering to be remembered, shared and healed. This is our time to come together, all genders, all ages as community to share as one love, one heart and one prayer.  

Be ready to write down clearly in 5 words or less your intent or prayer for yourself during. this gathering.

Bio: Bob and Mama Uma are artists living in Dublin, Texas. Mama Uma is a retired dance teacher, now teaching yoga and doing Bowen Therapy and energy work. Bob has studied and practiced Tai Chi for over 40 years.

First choice time: Thursday afternoon 2nd session
Second choice time: Friday morning 2nd session

Workshop 06 

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Pete Philips

Teaching of Mantra Style Meditation
Pete Phillips
eaglewingorg@gmail.com  480-946-8844
7660 E McKellips Rd #10, Scottsdale AZ 85357

Description: Mantra style meditation is the repeating of a word, phrase or syllables, often in Sanskrit to yourself. Reference Transcendental Meditation. Although I do not teach TM what you will learn is very similar. Have stress in your life this maybe your answer! TM got me through two years of Grad school in one! Once you have the knowledge it is yours to practice.

Bio: Pete was trained in TM style Mantra Meditation in 1975. I have practiced off an on ever since. TM is quite strict in its’ practice, what I teach is not. However as with most things in life you get out what you put in. I am also your friendly neighborhood drum circle facilitator, trained by Arthur Hull in 2001. I taught blind children for 30 years at times using breath work style meditation and drumming therapy.

First choice time: Wednesday afternoon 11 am to 1 pm 
Second choice time:

Workshop 07 

Allison Edwards

DreamWork to Save the World
Allison Edwards
allison.j.edwards@gmail.com  505-290-0228
RR1 Box 11G, Sante Fe NM 87506

Description:   All of the biggest problems facing humanity are caused by the one underlying common-denominator cause: overpopulation. And what basically causes overpopulation? Over-procreation. To address this cause of all the world’s major problems, the DreamWork procedure has been developed. It presents a simple yet elegant way of analyzing attractions, fantasies, dreams and ideas. Attractions and fantasies which may have been previously dealt with on a sexual level can then be addressed on a more basic feeling level. Awareness of the feelings preceding arousal allows a human being to be real about what is going on with them and to problem-solve from that place of awareness. The participants will each be given a wallet-sized polyurethane card with the DreamWork steps and guides to the symbolic or metaphorical interpretation of common verbs found in sexual fantasies. Participants will have time to analyze their own fantasies and attractions and discover the meaning which is presenting itself for their souls in their own lives and in the world. 

Bio: Allison Edwards is a seeker of truth. Dedicated to bringing truth to humanity from a variety of directions, she comes from a background in academia and mysticism. Her formal studies centered upon linguistics, music, speech-language pathology, anthropology and indigenous, modern and classical languages. Her interest in Process-Oriented Psychology as well as her contemplative studies of causation in world history led her to develop the DreamWork procedure as a method of addressing the current problems facing humanity. Allison loves to garden, develop vegetarian recipes and menus, jam and compose improvisatorially and travel with her kitty visiting the villages of the world.

First choice time: Thursday afternoon 2 to 4 pm
Second choice time:

Workshop 08 

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Marshall Hall

A Course in Miracles
Marshall Hall
marshall.hall50@gmail.com  505 384 8082
P.O. Box 1163 Estancia NM 87016

Description: Introduction to the Course; how it came to be, explanation and discussion of the main ideas. Bring your book if you got one, but not necessary. 

Bio: I have been a student of The Course for over 25 years. 

First choice time: Canceled
Second choice time: 

Workshop 09 

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Irene Ramos

The Four Directions Drum Circle
Irene Ramos

ireneirisramos@yahoo.com 210-710-9059
361 W Ave F, Poteet TX 78605

Description: Spirit is calling beautiful souls to gather. Are you ready to answer the call and host a Drum Circle in your community? This workshop will provide simple basics about hosting a Four Directions drum circle. Even a small circle can help us connect with our tribal past and raise healing vibration with drum, rattle and song. 

Bio:  Irene and Ed Ramos are students of Virgie Ravenhawk and have been studying the Native Path of their ancestors under her guidance and teachings. 

First choice time:   Wednesday afternoon 2 pm to 4 pm
Second choice time:

Workshop 10

Cesar Rossatto

Awakening the Global Consciousness of Indigenous Knowledge
Cesar Rossatto
cesar.rossatto@gmail.com  915-603-3155
316 Resler Ridge Drive, El Paso TX 79912

Description: How Indigenous knowledge respond to the questions: Who are we? where have we come from? Where are we going? This workshop provides both knowledge of and an appreciation of local Indigenous culture through holistic experiential learning, by focusing on re-constructing and re-creating awareness of Indigenous contribution to the world.

Bio:  Dr. Cesar Rossatto is an university professor expert on critical multiculturalism.

First choice time: Cancelled
Second choice time:

Workshop 11  

Kelsey Densman

Women’s Medicine Bundle
Kelsey Densman
4314 32nd St, Lubbock TX 79410

Description:  This is a long standing tradition within the G.O.C.

The Bundle is a living prayer, the culmination of energy from past and present as well as many women’s communities who have shared prayers of healing with the Bundle as it is opened at women’s gatherings, both on and off the mountain.

The Women’s Bundle is about all things WOMAN.  It is those who have come before on whose shoulders we stand and who have placed within its folds prayers and scrolls with love, joy, hurt, honor and grief.  We look to the future as we encourage preteen to wise women to participate in the ceremony of creating a circle of women adding their hopes, dreams and prayers to the Bundle.  The Bundle is filled with items that women have released to be healed by the prayers that will support them long after we have all left the mountain.

The Women’s Bundle is made of deer hide and cloth wrappings, simple coverings tied with hide strings.  It holds the hopes, prayers, dreams, scrolls and items of all the women who have held it in their arms, danced with it during the Sweet Medicine Dance, cried into its body, planted seeds for the future generations and prayed for Mother Earth and mankind.  It carries the prayers of the matriarchs that bind all our open hands together as we follow our many different paths, knowing we are different but all the same.

Participants may bring an item or a scroll to leave in the Bundle when it is opened, or choose to share energetically.  They may choose to remove an item they have placed in the bundle previously.

Each year a woman is selected from the group attending the gathering who becomes the next keeper of the Women’s Medicine Bundle and carries the Bundle until the following year.  This Bundle travels many miles and is held by many women in communities on and off the mountain.  The Bundle carrier brings the Bundle back to be passed on to the next keeper of the Women’s Medicine Bundle.

This is the time we sing our women’s songs and tell our women’s stories to be carried on and shared for the future generations.



First choice time:  open
Second choice time:  open

Workshop 12

James Lanham
James Lanham

Men’s Medicine Bundle
James Lanham
jimlanham64@yahoo.com  325-277-5009
1593 Callar Drive Abilene, TX

Description:  MEN!  You know of the tradition of making a personal medicine bag to carry with you as a reminder of where your strength lies.  And each of us is a part of one or more groups where men meet, even over coffee, to share sports, personal issues, and solve the world’s problems.

Men’s Medicine Bundle

The Men’s Bundle combines these in a place where you can say what needs to be said (no criticism; no advice unless asked for; just acceptance) and creation of a bundle to hold symbols of our medicine, our struggles, and our triumphs.

Bring a small object to place in the bundle, if you wish, as a symbol of your experience as a man, or simply draw energy from the medicine objects already there and from the men present to continue your journey. 

Bio:   x

First choice time:   open
Second choice time:  open

Workshop 13 


Estancia NM

Description:  This workshop/ceremony will be a visit to the land of Spirit, where Grandmother Flordemayo will lead you through life experiences, both hers and yours, in the invisible realm. This world is so close, but walking with her in her process might reveal new perspectives on Spirits, Visions, and Dreams. Everyone’s path is different, so questions and answers will be an integral part of the workshop, but you do have to show up.

Bio:  In 2012, Flordemayo received a vision during dialogue with the Beloved Mother. In this vision, Flordemayo finds herself sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth while being lovingly guided to prepare seed bundles with prayer. The Beloved Mother had shown a cosmic inspiration for Flordemayo to birth “The Path”, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of heirloom and heritage seeds. Now, The Path prepares seed bundles to be given to the parents of babies being born today and those to be born in the future in the dream of honoring and protecting light beings of all forms in this new era of the Divine Feminine.

First choice time:   Canceled 
Second choice time:  

Workshop 14  

Joyce Anastasia

Discovering our Miraculous Capacities to Assist in Manifesting Personal-to-Global Healing
Joyce Anastasia

joyceanastasia@gmail.com  415-322-9442
503 pine Ave #2, Mill Valley CA 94941
Co-Facilitated by Joyce Anastasia and Mike Two Bears

Description: From our daily life walk to our global and more universal perspectives, many of us wish to experience more of “The beauty way” as we face the barrage of challenges that negatively impact our bodies, minds and spirits. At the extreme, some people end up with diseases or in accidents that debilitate their bodies. Others suffer the ravages of unhealthy relationships or competitive wars, fighting for food, land, shelter or power. And still others numb themselves to reduce their pain.  These experiences tend to distort hearts and minds toward further separation and create the warped perspective that it’s OK to harm ourselves or others.

What if we discovered gifts within us that demonstrate our miraculous capacities to heal? What would our lives and the world look like if we could become allies with our incredible human form, as it intersects with the vibrations of All Our Relations, creating the positive change we envision for Mother Earth and its creatures?

This experiential workshop, which combines wisdom teachings and current spiritual scientific explorations, is intended to initiate or reawaken our miraculous capacities to heal.  As a participant, you will begin to identify your own healing gifts, the gifts of others and to discover your unique processes that help to manifest healing in your own life and in the world, co- creating more beautiful ways to live on this planet.


First choice time: