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GOC 2018 T-shirts:

Red V-neck

All orders must be in no later than July 08, 2018!!! 

Short/long sleeve $20 each. Hoodies long sleeve $30 each.
Shipping charge is $5 per t-shirt if we have to ship.


1. Fill in the T-shirt order form completely. This includes your contact info as well as your orders. There are ten order fields. You must use at least one. When finished, click the SUBMIT button. If there are no errors, you will be presented with an ORDER page reflecting what you just submitted. It is strongly recommended that you print your order. You will receive a conformation email of your order from the T-shirt Coordinator. Please check it for accuracy.

2. Pay for your t-shirts below by clicking the GOC T-Shirt Payment button. You can choose to pay by PayPal, credit card, or bank account. We encourage you to use the DONATE button because it makes a permanent record of your payment. Also, we have to pay for the t-shirts when the order is placed. If you wish, you can pay by check or cash at the GOC event in August. Please direct any questions to the T-shirt coordinator. That email is tshirts@gatheringofcircles.com   or phone/text June Baldwin at 432-438-1313.

GOC T-Shirt Payment

3. Use Order one thru Order ten (if necessary) to specify your T-shirt order. We are offering three styles of shirts, all sizes. The styles are Red, Tie-dye, Hoodie. Red and Tie-dye can come in long or short sleeves. Hoodie only comes in long sleeves. Sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. The format for each Order line is: quantity, style, long or short sleeves, size, money. For example: “2, Red, Long, L, $40” would be 2 T-shirts, color red, long sleeve, large, total $40. Use up to ten order lines.


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Tie-Dye short or long sleeve
Tie-Dye short or long sleeve