2016 GOC Planning Meeting Minutes

GOC 2016 Planning Meeting Minutes (download PDF file)

02/27/16 Planning Meeting for  GOC Meeting at Cliff & June’s home- 1404 Castle Rd. Odessa, TX 79762

Members Present:  Cliff  Buchanan, June Baldwin, Shawna Mitchell-Hayhurst, Tony Hayhurst, Brett Messer, Wanda & Bob Wade, Penney Prophet, Cathy Martin, Mike Andrews, (Sarah Starkey- online)Contribution of Karen McGinnis- email )

Meeting began at 1:15 with a smudging by Shawna and pipe ceremony with Brett, Bob, Wanda, Mike, and Shawna- Brett explained the benefit of smudging and describing the Pipe- representing Wholeness and the Masculine and the Feminine-Members called in the 4 directions and the earth and the sky.  Prayers were shared.

2:00-Introductions were made-Penney reported that she was here representing her mother, Vena.  Cathy reported the newest addition-her grandson, Gavin Anthony Hernandez born 9/3/15- parents- Holana and Ruben.  Members expressed their gratitude for coming together and being with the group.  Mike reported that Richard Dobrin – the Seed board member died and that today is his birthday.  Comments were made about being grateful, and feeling the spirts of love cooperation, oozing out of everyone’s soul.  Icie sent her love.  Shawna talked about this being our 22nd GOC and described the meaning of the number 22, which is the Master builder level, God on earth, universal transformation.

Financial Report by Cliff- Cliff reported the financial information and that we were in good shape.

We reviewed possible expenses such as: $300 for Speaker stipend, $300 to 400 for wood, $800 for port-a-potties including the hand washing station, $1700- T-shirt which accounts for roughly $2300 in expenses.   Income items were: $200 pancake breakfast, $700 to $1000 for Raffles. Cliff reported that there were not as many donations as in previous years.  We discussed how to best use the money.  It was recommended to purchase two 12 x 12 EZ-up canopies- because 1 was leaking. Talked about how to water proof the canvas tops.  Also, we talked about repairing the large group canopy including some grommets.  Cliff and Brett will be laying out the canopy and inspecting it.  Another Sweat lodge will be purchased to have a men and women’s sweat lodge simultaneously.


Raffle-Edwin Minton

Welcome Table/Attendance/T-Shirt Distribution- Jan Leenhouts Martin & Karen McGinnis

T-shirts- Brett Messer

Workshops- Shawna Mitchell

Sweet Medicine Dance- Cathy Martin, Wanda Wade, Kathy Two Hawks

Children Activities- Bob Wade & Heather Sawyers

Housekeeping Announcements – Karen McGinnis

Final Environmental Walk Through/Inspection- Wanda Wade

Environmental Focus/Recycling- Heather Sawyers

Oneness Blessing- Karen McGinnis

Wood/Port-a-Potties/Permit- Cliff Buchanan

Speaker- Mike Andrews-   Flordemayo

Sweatlodge- Steve Lake

Drum Team- Steve Lake

Pancake Brunch- June Baldwin

Songs & Music – Icie Mitchell Sarah Starkey

Give-a-way -Kathy Two-Hawks

Feast Coordinator- June Baldwin
Saturday night Drumming- Pete Phillips, Cathy Martin

Any other volunteers at any position will be welcomed!

Discussion of Positive & Negative / How can we improve?

Kathy Two Hawks offered to pour for the Sweat lodge and offer an Herbal class.

Discussed making the t-shirt distribution more efficient- placing all orders in plastic bags with names on the bags in 1 tub and Another tub with extra t-shirts to be purchased at the Gathering.  Last year there was some confusion with the t-shirts and so t-shirts will be purchased when someone is in the tent- to keep things in order.  June agreed to help with placing t-shirts in bags prior to the Gathering.

Much discussion was made around making things go more smoothly at the GOC and how to make sure that the speaker’s time was given full attention.  Also, being more realistic about the first day.  There will be more emphasis on encouraging people to come on time to the sessions-   Someone will beat the drum to inform people that sessions will be starting and Sarah will sound the Trumpet as a final call.  We discussed the importance of making the setup of the canopy and sweat lodges and taking down the structures as an important group process.  Some discussion was made regarding changing the schedule to have the Give Away on Sunday, but decided to keep the same schedule.

Decided the following schedule:

Wednesday Aug. 3-

01:00                       Sweat Lodge Set up

03:00                       Set up  large group Canopy

06:00                       Beginning Circles-


Oneness Blessing- Led by Karen McGinnis and other Blessing Givers

Pipe Ceremony and Explanation



Thursday. Aug. 4

09:00-11:00        Speaker- Flordemayo

12:00-02:00        Lunch break

02:00-03:30        Workshop with Flordemayo

03:30-05:00        Workshops

05:00-06:00        Children’s Sweat Lodge

06:00-08:00        Supper

08:00                       Men and Women’s Sweat lodge

Friday Aug. 5

07:30                       Morning Meditation

09:00-10:30        Workshops

10:30-12:00        Workshops

12:00-01:00        Pancake Brunch

03:30-5:00           prepare for dance

07:00                       Dance

Saturday, Aug 6

07:30                       Morning Meditation

09:00                       Raffle

11:00                       Giveaway

04:00                       Feast

06:00                       Take down Canopy

08:00                       Drumming

Discussion of updating Name & Addresses

Discussion of Email Maintenance- Current & Global

Discussion of Website Maintenance

Cliff reported that he sent out 800 mailings regarding the GOC planning meeting and got a large number back.  Decided to post the names on the website to see if anyone knew the new addresses for the people.  Cliff provided information about the old website and new website.  Brett and Cliff will meet with Tye Stutts to discuss the website, ways to improve it, and have it updated.  Agreed to pay for professional services to work on the website. –  Emails will need to be updated and those that are rejecting will need to be deleted.

Discussion of Community Kitchen- Brett Messer

We discussed ways to help incorporate a community kitchen.  It was agreed that after the pancake dinner, the tables will remain set up with a stove available for those who need to use it.  Encouraged people welcoming others and including them in. Also, anyone using the community kitchen is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and taking all of their food and items with them. Also at the community feast it is important to take whatever is yours when you leave.  The cleanup crew would really appreciate that!  People end up with a lot of dishes and other items!

Discussion on GOC Overview Presentation

Sarah will prepare an orientation hand out for people that are at the GOC for the first time- and reminders for those that have come before-

Potential Workshops:

Kathy Two-Hawks Herbal Class

Mike Andrews/Ariana- Beyond Unconditional Love


Many ideas were presented and discussed with the group-  Mike suggested- “Beyond Unconditional Love”, Bob & Wanda suggested- “Honoring the Child within”, Cathy suggested- “ We are all Related”,  Karen suggested- Nurturing Sacred Seeds-   As we explored the different concepts- moved to a unanimous voting of “Seeds of Innocence” as the final theme that we believed encompassed the different t  ideas  presented.

T-shirt Design/Dates of submission & voting – Theme- “Seeds of Innocence”  Wanda suggested a child holding seeds in their hands, other ideas were explored.  Design submission- April 1  voting by April 8

Discussion of Other Issues

Suggestion of having “greeters” who would make sure that they meet people when they come in- help them to feel welcome and answer questions about the GOC

We want to thank June and Cliff for sharing their home with the group for the GOC family.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone, sharing ideas, meals, laughter , going to the Unitarian church on Sunday to hear Shawna’s message, and just having a great weekend together! 

Respectfully submitted, Cathy Martin   See you on the mountain!