2013 GOC Brochure

GOC 2013
Logo by Mama Um

19th Anniversary of the Gathering of Circles
August 7th thru 11th, 2013
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

2013 GOC Brochure

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Prayer From Beth Hin 1 August 2013

O Great One, by so many names we seek You, we remember You, we hope for You, we call out unto You, we invoke You, we thank You, we are silent within You, we rest in You.
Be with us at this beloved Gathering of Circles, our nineteenth year together, be with those of us here, be with those of us here in spirit yet physically afar, be with those who have gone before us who shine from the stars beside us here, and everywhere.
Be with our fervent hearts, our mysterious souls, our paths, our ways, our weakest feathers and our strongest which gather within us to form wings of Your grace, with our feet treading upon the earth, humbly, nobly, in dignity, and love, with our eyes seeking You in sun and firelight, with our ears listening for You in wind and rainfall, with our nostrils seeking the scent of You in juniper and sage, pine and wildflower, with our lips tasting the blessing of You in clean water and the foods of Your Earth, the fruits of Your womb and sky.
May we pray here in Beauty.
May we listen for You in Beauty.
May we look for You in Beauty.
May we reach for You in every breath, in every gesture, in Beauty.
May we call forward You in all Creation to be that which is always Beauty.
May we pray, practice and dwell beside and among all beings in Beauty.
May the impeccability, virtue and ceremony of our life quest in every moment from conception to death be ever of Your Beauty.
May that which we represent, call forward, and embody, at this Gathering, and always, bring the circles of all relations into the harmony and holiness which is your Beauty and which is All Love, and only Love, for Your Love is all is Love.