Videographer Coordinator

Role name: Videographer

Role type: Ongoing Role

Short Description of Role Purpose: Responsible for taking videos of GOC events, speaker presentations, and other things deemed by the council. Responsible for editing and producing video with appropriate descriptions and posting to YouTube, making it available for inclusion in website.

Responsibilities List: Take videos of GOC events. Edit videos and post to YouTube. Coordinate with council and social media coordinator for content and distribution. Request photos and videos from GOC attendees to be included in appropriate videos. Other responsibilities to be determined.

Before GOC: Coordinate with council and workshop presenters what to focus on for current GOC.

During GOC: Coordinate with sound engineer to produce high quality sound for participants and the video sound quality. Record clips of other GOC activities such as the raising of the canopy and sweat lodge construction as well as workshops. Be mindful of obtaining permission to use any video or photo for GOC promotions.

After GOC: Edit and produce applicable videos such as testimonials etc to promote participation. Produce videos of desired GOC related activities such as vision quests, healing hearts etc.

Traditions Description about the role: No traditions have been developed yet except for Speaker recordings in 2017 and 2018 and two GOC promotional videos.

GOC Tradition or Ceremony: Traditions are open to development.

Materials and/or Sacred items needed for role: Means to record and edit videos.

Other Notes: In today’s world people are demanding to get their information from social media in a form that can be served up on smart phone, laptops, computers, and tablets. We have to be able to meet that demand!