Social Media Coordinator

Role name: Social Media Coordinator

Role type: Ongoing Role

Short Description of Role Purpose: The purpose of the Social Media Coordinator is to promote activity and manage information on the Gathering Of Circles Facebook site as well as other forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

Responsibilities: Work with the webmaster and the GOC Council to coordinate information about the GOC and related activities. To encourage participation in GOC events and related activities by pointing users to the GOC website. Works with the GOC Videographer to promote GOC videos. Works with the GOC Communications Director to coordinate information flow.

Before GOC: Advertise upcoming current events and activities and news.

During GOC: Take photos and videos to be posted on Facebook and other social media.

After GOC: Post photos and videos on Facebook to promote GOC experience.

Traditions Description about the role: No traditions yet.