Permit Coordinator

Permit Coordinator

Role name: Permit Coordinator

Role type: Ongoing Role

Communicate with Lincoln National Forest to obtain an annual permit to hold the Gathering of Circles on National Forest land. Obtain the permit and have it available during the event.

List of Previous Servants in this Role (list at least one plus their contact info):

Responsibilities List:

Before GOC:

Contact the Lincoln National Forest and speak with the Ranger in charge of non-commercial permits.

Forest Service Southwestern Region Lincoln National Forest – Sacramento Ranger District
p: 575-682-5320 x75320 
f: 575-682-3394 
4 Lost Lodge Road (P.O. Box 288)
Cloudcroft, NM 88317 

It has taken a persistent effort to get this permit approved even though we have consistently done this for 25 years or more. Suggest contacting the Ranger station by March or April to begin. Usually they will email a PDF document to be filled out. Previous years can be used as a boiler plate to fill out the current year. See the 2018 Permit sample below.

During GOC:

Have the signed permit available if needed during the GOC event.

After GOC (if applicable):

Update this write up if there is new information.

Other Notes:

Sample of 2018 permit: 2018 Forest Permit  

Sample of SF-299 Application: SF-299 Form