Oneness Blessing Coordinator

Oneness Blessing Coordinator

The Oneness Blessing is given by intent to all who are present at the opening ceremony
as well as to the mountain itself. This shifts the energy from one of doing (traveling,
setting up camp, etc.) to one of sacred space.

Karen McGinnis 325/949-8720

Before opening ceremony determine what blessing givers are present and ask them to
join in giving the blessing. During Opening Ceremony give a brief introduction speaking
from your heart. Invoke Divine Presence through chanting the Moola Mantra. Give the

Blessing givers who have attended GOC:
Karen McGinnis
Shawna Mitchell
Vicky Rister
Wanda Wade
Cathy Martin
Enrique Hines
Edwin Minton
Angie ?

In 2009 I gave a workshop on the Oneness Blessing. In 2010 Cliff asked me to offer it at
the Opening Ceremony. Since that time it has become part of the GOC tradition.

Revised 05/04/2018 Karen McGinnis