Feast Coordinator

Role name: Feast Coordinator

Role type:GOC Event Coordinator

Short Description of Role Purpose: The purpose of the Feast Coordinator is to organize the Community Potluck Feast that most generally takes place after the Giveaway/Raffle on Saturday

Responsibilities List:

            Before GOC: Make sure there is a description of Event where newcomers can be aware that a Potluck meal is shared at the close of GOC main events. Recruit helpers to set up and clean up . Take extra paper goods, cups and plastic ware as well as large trash bags or organize someone to donate & bring them up the mountain.

            During GOC: Announce Feast & give a brief description in Circle . Organize helpers, set up tables in main Circle area ( usually use empty raffle tables and other available GOC tables) Provide extra Paper Goods, Cups, Napkins, Plates, Plastic ware and large Trash bags  Clean up tables and make arrangements for the trash to be carried down the mountain.

            After GOC (if applicable):Make sure trash is carried down the mountain and disposed of properly

Traditions Description about the role: Community Feast and sharing of a meal is a customary closing in many traditions to ceremonies and events. It is an opportunity to “break bread” together ,share a food item that is special to you and  visit with those you may or may not have gotten a chance to spend time with during the GOC Event .

            GOC Tradition or Ceremony:

            Other Tradition or Ceremony 1 (2, 3, etc):

Materials and/or Sacred items needed for role: Secure GOC tables on the mountain

Bring Paper Goods, Plastic ware, Cups , Napkins and Large Trash Bags