Gathering Of Circles
Updated 11/09/2002

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Join Us for the 8th Annual

Gathering Of Circles

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

August 1 thru 4, 2002




Grandfather Cachora comes to Texas ! click here


Growing a Forest of Allies


In the aftermath of the catastrophic events of 9/11/01, many Americans realized that there is an urgent need to start paying attention to differences in worldviews, otherís perspectives and otherís needs. In spite of the fact that Americans are a famously open and generous people, folks around the world are angry with us and blame us for much of their suffering. A crucial way to heal the catastrophic pain and suffering around the world is to start at home.


Our time together will be dedicated to learning to become each otherís allies in the journey towards local and world peace. Our work together will challenge us to walk our highest path with integrity and compassion, realizing that little attitudes and actions have large consequences. We will begin the wonderful, scary, and powerful process of examining the garbage we each carry in our shadow from the collective, and then transforming that garbage into fertile compost. This is the compost that allows the growth of the glorious flowers of peace.

Melinda Garcia is a Community, Clinical and Organizational Psychologist in private practice in Albuquerque, NM. Her fatherís family moved from Mexico to San Antonio, Texas, at the turn of the last century. Her motherís family has lived in Panama since before records were kept. She is of Chichimeca, Panamanian, and African descent. Indigenous, Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish traditions have shaped her spiritual practice. She combines extensive study in each of these traditions in all work, which can best be described as Post-Colonial.


Dr. Garcia has lived many lifetimes as an original member of the Hard Head Club. As a consequence her presentations are lively and include a great deal of participation from the audience, storytelling, and a lot of practical examples to make complicated concepts make sense. She has a terrible time sitting through lectures and assumes other people do, too.


On this Journey


Where am I going on this glorious journey?

To your house

of course.

Hafiz (c. 1320.1380)

The puzzlement of Americans towards cultures different than our own is parallel to the puzzlement European-Americans feel towards People of Color. When is affirmative action enough? Whatís the deal about bilingual education? Why are so many People of Color angry? Why canít we have a constructive and healing dialogue about racism in this country? Why canít we meditate our way out of this with loving kindness?

It is not upon you to finish the work.

Neither are you free to desist from it. Rabbi Tarfon

2002 GOC Coordinators:


Workshop Coordinator - Carolyn Milton

Sweet Medicine Dance Circle Coordinator - Kristie Hunger

Give-Away Coordinator - JJ Hamilton

Guest Speaker Coordinator - Beth Hin

T-Shirt Design & Coordinator - Shawn Blue & Connie Williams

Port-A-Potty - Cliff Buchanan

Sweatlodge Coordinator- Jim Beam

Children's Activity Coordinator - Kelly Knox, Cathy Bails, Donna Kirby

Forest Service Permit Coordinator - KiethLee Camp

Welcome Table Coordinator - KiethLee Camp, Barbara Harris

Raffle Coordinator - Brett Messer

Clean-up Coordinator - Jim Beam & Shawn Blue
Children's Basket Coordinator - June Baldwin

Many thanks to these people who make the GOC happen each year.



        Melinda Garcia: "Growing a Forest of Allies Part 2"

        Sharon Rodebaugh: "Yoga"

        Lou Dale: "Healing the Pain of the Past"

        Dave Arneson: "Natural Healing Q&A"

        Cliff Buchanan: "Shamanic Drumming"

        Carolyn "Cornwoman" Milton: "Worldwide Chanting"

        Pamela & Brett: "Grandfather Kachora Experience"

        Carol Dawn: "The Next Step: Conscious Evolution"

        Van Lebus: "Introduction to Yang-Style Tai Chi"

        Pete Phillips: "Drumming"

        Connie L. Williams: "Training of a Witch"

        Barbara Harris: "Quantum Physics is Metaphysics"


2002 Logo    Click to enlarge


This years design is an original artwork done by Connie Williams and modified by Shawn Blue, a computer graphics design artist. Connie says this about the design:


This design was the result of a vision I had the first night of the Spring Dance at Eagle's Landing April of 1999. It was my first visit with Gathering of Circles folk and I was alone in the cabin that evening before anyone else arrive. The men were camped on the hillside. I built a fire and made strong coffee and danced around the fire and spoke to the earth in my own private ritual. That night I watched the visions dance before my eyes and as they passed I wrote down the words for Circles Gather and drew this picture of my dreams. The circle is of course for the clan, the picture is a drum head, the yellow section is the skin, gift of the animal spirit, stretched across the drum. The mountains number seven for earth, air, fire, water, father sky, mother earth and Great Spirit. The Sweat Lodge centers the drawing and is one of the unifying rituals of the gathering, the Thunderbird rises above the lodge as vision quest. The Bear claw at the foot of the lodge represents the grounding of mother earth. The red feathers (for me) represent our desire to dream of light, our ability to make use of earth's gifts, the undefiled master of flight between the earth and the spirit above, If you meditate on the drawing you will see that it is an optical illusion.


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