Gathering Of Circles
Updated 10/24/2006

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12th Anniversary of The
Gathering of Circles
August 3th thru 6th, 2006
Cloudcroft, New Mexico


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The theme for this year is Community ! 

GOC Schedule of events for the year 2006:

GOC Planning Meeting April 1st at Wimberly TX   
May 17-21st 2006 Vision Quest at San Luis CO  
September 6-10th 2006 Vision Quest at Cloudcroft NM  
September 29 thru Oct 1st Healing Hearts at Cloudcroft NM

Click to enlargeWill Taegel

is our speaker for 2006

Will possibly will talk to us about Community in action !
(or something like that)

More about Will here




List of Coordinators for 2006:


Pamela Scheler

(254) 257-1816

Sweat Lodge

Shawna Mitchell

(325) 692-2126


Jane Goodsill & 
Lizette Gaudin

(832) 654-8914 
(713) 557-0599


Cliff Buchanan

(432) 550-3302


Mike Kelley

(806) 765-0441

Welcome Table

Marion Russell


Cathy Martin Bails

(325) 675-5605


Jazz Jaeschke

Gary Kendrick

(512) 335-9517

(512) 658-0259


John Anderson

(254) 947-0478

Sweet Medicine Dance

Janice Togal

(512) 858-1800

(505) 751-4248


Jazz Jaeschke Gary Kendrick

(512) 335-9517

(512) 658-0259

Drumming Team

Susan Murray

(214) 321-1385


Mike Andrews

(505) 776-0001

Pancake Breakfast

June Baldwin

(432) 550-8747


download brochure

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 GOC Brochure  



 Introductions and Pipe ceremony start at 6:00 pm on Thursday evening.

Click to enlarge Directions: Go to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Take Hwy 130 South out of Cloudcroft for 1.2 miles. Turn left at Sleepy Grass Campground or 0.7 miles. Turn right on 5661 for 3.9 miles. Turn left at 5661 marker, look for forked tree on left before turn. Then turn left again immediately (about 40 feet) and follow road. Signs will be posted.



Registration: Please RSVP with Cliff Buchanan, 1404 Castle Road, Odessa TX 79762, 432-550-3302, . We need to know if you are planning to come so we can order the proper number of Port-a-potties! Cliff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the GOC. RSVP here: RSVP  If you have not registered on our mailing list, or if your info needs updating, do it here: Register 

Cost: We depend on donations solicited from T-shirts, raffles, pancake breakfast, CD's and other donation producing activities to pay our out of pocket costs like postage and flyer costs, speaker stipends, port-o-potties, workshop materials and other costs approved by the planning committee. No monies go to any individual in the form of payment for any activity.  We want to have anyone to be able to attend regardless of financial ability, therefore, there is no fee for attending the GOC. However, we encourage you to participate fully in our donations producing activities mentioned above and also invite you to make a donation according to you level of financial ability.

Honor and respect the land and natural life on it as part of our family. Treat it as you would like to be treated. Do not bring any alcohol or drugs.  You are responsible for your own meals and camping gear (this is a wilderness area, so bring tent, sleeping bag, etc.). You will need rain gear and rain fly. Port-a-potties are available. Bring a potluck dish to contribute to the Feast on Sunday. Bring noisemakers (drums, rattles, etc.). Rules: Radios will not be allowed except with earphones. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash.


Welcome to the Gathering of Circles 2006. This annual event is sponsored and supported by various individuals and circles of people in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Colorado, Virginia, and other states who wish to get together and share ideas, ceremonies, spirituality, talents, and friendship. These events include, but are not limited to, various workshops, face painting, world-class pancake breakfast, children's activities, sweat lodges, "Sweet Medicine Dance", Give-A-Way, and feast. We gather on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM for the opening pipe ceremony and introductions. Friday morning is usually dedicated to introductions and our featured speaker. Afterwards, we provide an itinerary of the various activities for the weekend. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning are scheduled workshops. Separate Men and Women's sweat lodges will be held Friday night, and a co-ed sweat will be available on Saturday night after the "Sweet Medicine Dance". Sunday morning we will all gather again for the Give-A-Way ceremony and feast. We should be ready to leave the area by 2:00 p.m.


Give-a-way   Bring a gift wrapped in a paper bag for the *give-a-way.* This should be something of significance (meaningful) to you, which you now want to relinquish your attachment to, and let pass on to a new keeper. The size or monetary value of this item is irrelevant but the more significant to you the better. It may be symbolic of something of yourself, which you have or wish to turn loose of so that your *hands* are freed up for your present pursuits. Listen to your heart in deciding what to *give-a-way* at this time. 

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