Willow Hot Springs Vision Quest

Willow Hot Springs Vision Quest

     June 17 – 21, 2021

Sponsor: Kathy Two Hawks

This Vision Quest will be held above Cloud Croft, New Mexico in the National Forest this year.

There is room for 8-10 Questers and 8-10 Supporters to participate.  It is traditional for the Questor to bring their Supporter and pay their fee.

If a Questor is unable to bring a Supporter, I will open the registration to those who would like to be a Supporter.  

It is customary for a Quester to bring a gift for a Supporter who takes care of you in the mountain if you do not bring your own Supporter.

Questers must write a letter of intent and email it to me by April 30, 2021.  Email to: ladytwohawks@cox.net .  

Each Quester and Supporter must have made a deposit to me of half of the total fee as confirmation of their commitment by May 1, 2021

The total fee for Questers is $275.00, Supporters, $175.00.  Deposits are nonrefundable. I am offering these prices as a special for this Quest 2021.

The sweat lodges will be modified sweats, and masks will be mandatory.

I will be scheduling a Zoom meeting with all attendees  May 15, 2021 to speak to the whole group to attend this event. (time to be determined)  Please ensure I have your contact information including email and phone number.

If you have questions please send me an email or call 602-989-8468.  Thank you for your interest!