Vision Quest


Wednesday, August 9 – Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cloudcroft, New Mexico

We sometimes hear references to the question about the glass being half empty or half full. A better question might be to ask ourselves “Why isn’t it overflowing?”. This is particularly important in reference to ourselves when we are talking about LOVE. If we are not overflowing with love, then we have room for more in our heart. This might be the next level above unconditional love, where there is no particular object out there and the love flows out of us.

The Vision Quest can help you find more love in your heart for yourself and the world. When sitting on the mountain, we are in the embrace of Nature, which is pure love, pure source, pure … We can use this to replenish and rejuvenate ourselves, to experience a standard of love that is always available to us, but we are too involved in day-to-day activities to connect with it. The Vision Quest is a gift of time to ourselves to experience.

To learn more about the Vision Quest Ceremony, Experience, and Preparation visit here.

This information is for the men and women who will be participating as Questers and Supporters for the Bear Heart Vision Quest that will take place in the mountains near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Our limit is 12 Questers this year. There is no limit on the number of supporters.


Mike Two Bears Andrews and Bear Heart.

Mike Two Bears Andrews will be the Sponsor and Leader of this Vision Quest in Bear Heart’s tradition.

Mike Two Bears Andrews was authorized to sponsor and lead Vision Quests by Bear Heart in a ceremony in September 2004. Mike was the Sponsor and Leader of  subsequent Vision Quests. At the this Vision Quest, Two Bears will be sending people out on their Vision Quest, helping them understand their visions, and giving them a Vision Quest name.

Bear Heart’s web site:

He knew Bear Heart from 1996 until his passing in 2008 as a friend, mentor, and teacher. Mike has a B.S. and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University and spent 23 years in the corporate world. He then obtained his certificate to teach secondary science and taught at a reservation west of Albuquerque for two years. He lives in the mountains near Taos.

Two Bears can be contacted at:
 Mike Two Bears Andrews 
P.O. Box 577
 Arroyo Seco, NM 87514; 
 e-mail: ; (575) 770-4321 (C)

The limit for the number of Questers is 12. There will be a four-door Going-Out Sweat before the Questers go out, a Sweat for the Supporters during the Quest, and a one-door Sweat for everyone after all Questers have returned.

If you plan to come to this Bear Heart Vision Quest this year, OR you might come, OR if there is even a remote possibility that you might come, please RSVP with us!!! It is very easy and you would be helping us out a lot. We need to know in order to plan for the port-a-potties and other  necessities.

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There is never a charge for ceremony.  (Donations are according to your life style and no one will be turned away for monetary reasons. The requested donations support the physical requirements of the Vision Quest ceremony).


The suggested donation for Questers will be $400, and $200 for Supporters. We are asking Questers to make a $100 deposit due at registration (non-refundable, but it can be applied to any future Bear Heart Vision Quest if you have to cancel), and the balance due 30 days before the start of the Vision Quest. As in the past, no one will be turned away for financial reasons if they can’t afford the suggested donation.   You may contribute more or less.  Each of you should listen to your own heart and consider your own financial circumstance as well as the work that Two Bears  performs for you while you are “on the hill.”  Men and women supporting the Quest but not actually fasting (Supporters) will participate in prayer and ceremony with Two Bears and help maintain the vigil for the Questers.  You may work out a payment plan with Two Bears if desired. The donations are used to purchase food since meals are provided, rental of a port-a-potty, travel expenses for June, Cliff, and Mike, and purchase of a cord of firewood.

If you are planning to attend as a Quester or Supporter, please make a payment for $100 (this is your confirmation to reserve your spot).  In addition, please mail a Letter of Intent for your Vision Quest, identify any special medical issues, and include a package of tobacco  to the address listed above. This confirmation must be received at the time of your registration. The balance of your donation is due 30 days before the start of the Vision Quest. A payment for $200 from each Supporter must be received 10 days before the start of the Vision Quest.

You also may send your letter of intent or negotiate a payment plan with Two Bears at: 575-770-4321 or

To pay by check: make check payable to
Gathering Of Circles
1404 Castle Road
Odessa TX 79762

If you wish to make a secure payment online please click on the following button.
(You may pay directly from your bank account or credit card)


You may also direct questions to Cliff Buchanan at:   (432) 550-3302.