This page consist of comments from GOC participants

03/22/2018 I am Michele Macias. My son is Malachi Burr and we volunteered to help with the welcome table, we will plan on arriving a day or 2 early to help best facilitate welcoming every one and my son is an extremely good helper, so we can also make sure as people are coming in that they not only feel welcomed, but they also have help setting up their camp…if they need it. We are truly looking forward to the GOC this year, we need it, our spirits need it, my teenage son needs it, our world needs it. In a world that can sometimes seem cruel and chaotic…the GOC ceremony experience and all the people who attend restore my hope and faith in humanity and rejuvenate mine and my son’s souls. Blessings. Just please keep us informed. And know that Creator has blessed this gathering and will continue to, as we all continue to share our blessings with each other and Mother Earth. Michele Macias

02/09/2019 Cliff & Mike Andrews, WOW! The new website is lovely! Thank y’all for your years of service not only to this community of souls but for accepting me into the fold in the beginning. Even though I haven’t been able to attend every year physically, the first week of every August I am on our sweet mountain spiritually and in prayer. The Shamanic path you introduced me to way back at the Unitarian Church in the early 1990’s has been a guiding light for me in healing my lineage, raising my sons, and having a grounding cord deep in Pachamama. For those of us who have crossed over and those bits of GOC light scattered about, your work is mighty and holy. From the little shamina in me to the GOC network, live long and prosper! Much Love Flowing, Vicky Vaughan

Essay by Vicky Vaughan from 2003