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Downloadable GOC Events Guide

Greetings GOC Family!

Here’s a handy tri-fold guide to our Gathering of Circles this year for downloading in advance if you wish. We’ll have copies at the Welcome Tent on Wednesday the 3rd as well.

Included are:

  • Instructions for getting to the GOC
  • Suggestions for preparing for the gathering
  • Information about our Guest Speaker – Grandmother Flordemayo
  • Schedule of Events & Workshops

GOC 2016 Events Guide

See you in Cloudcroft!


GOC 2016 Information Links

Greetings GOC Community !

Anyone else doing a countdown of days before we greet each other on the mountain? Feeling that cool, clean mountain air? Sensing all the heart connections new and old?

Here are the links to all the current information regarding GOC 2016:

Thank You 2016 GOC Coordinators!

A big THANK YOU to all the GOC 2016 Coordinators for their efforts so far and for all they will do for us at the gathering!

Your GOC coordinators will also be listed in the GOC Events Guide available during registration at the Welcome Tent on Wednesday afternoon. Get yours!

Here’s the list:

Raffle-Shawna Mitchell

Welcome Table/Attendance/T-Shirt Distribution- Jan Leenhouts Martin & Karen McGinnis

T-shirts- Brett Messer

Workshops- Shawna Mitchell

Sweet Medicine Dance- Cathy Martin, Wanda Wade, Kathy Two Hawks

Children Activities- Bob Wade & Heather Sawyers

Housekeeping Announcements – Karen McGinnis

Final Environmental Walk Through/Inspection- Wanda Wade

Environmental Focus/Recycling- Heather Sawyers

Oneness Blessing- Karen McGinnis

Wood/Port-a-Potties/Permit- Cliff Buchanan

Speaker- Mike Andrews- Grandmother Flordemayo

Sweat Lodges- Steve Lake

Drum Team- Steve Lake

Pancake Brunch- June Baldwin

Songs & Music – Icie Mitchell & Sarah Starkey

Give-a-way -Kathy Two-Hawks

Feast Coordinator- June Baldwin

Saturday night Drumming- Cathy Martin

Website updates – Natalie Benningfield

Spontaneous Auctions

Hello GOC Community!

Virgie Ravenhawk and Debbie Drumhawk will be sponsoring Spontaneous Auctions at the GOC 2016 as part of their gifting to the GOC fundraising efforts. What is a spontaneous auction, you ask? Think of eBay-type bidding, but with sacred tools and beautifully, lovingly crafted items for sacred and holistic living. Each item will have a suggested starting amount and bidding will proceed from there at the GOC.

Virgie and Debbie will auction items similar to the ones pictured here. Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards may be used as payment for any items that you win in the bidding process! Alternatively, you may use this PayPal link to pay while at the GOC (click on the PayPal Logo here). 

If you would like to donate similar items for the Spontaneous Auctions, please notify Virgie Ravenhawk via email or cell: 210-341-5823.



Raffle 2016

The GOC Raffle Coordinator for 2016, Shawna Mitchell , 325-668-2563, is calling for items for this year’s gathering.

We currently have 61 items in the Raffle!

Greetings GOC community!  It is the time of year to help support the GOC with items you would like to donate for the raffle.  One of the biggest fundraisers each year is the raffle activity.  In the past, there have been sacred tools, jewelry, a singing bowl, beautiful wall hangings, camping gear, and other wonderful things lovingly passed on by our community members. What will YOU find in our treasure trove this year?


If you would like to donate an item, please send a picture, description, and the name of who is donating the item to Natalie Benningfield at or text to Cell: 512.931.9890. Then, bring the item(s) with you or send them with someone who is coming to GOC.  Please know that it is never too late to donate items.

Thank you!

Select Items & Purchase Raffle Tickets

You will be making a donation to the GOC with each ticket purchased!

  • Tickets are $1 each.  

You do not have to be present to win. Just email or text Shawna Mitchell, Cell: 325-668-2563, and tell her the item number and how many tickets you want to be applied to each item.

You MUST donate before August 1st if you do not plan to attend GOC 2016. Please donate the total amount online by using Paypal  (Click on the PayPal Logo below)  which allows you use a PayPal account OR to enter a credit or debit card or your bank account without needing your own PayPal account.  Alternatively, send a check to Cliff Buchanan, 1404 Castle Road, Odessa TX 79762. Make the check out to “Gathering Of Circles”. Or, phone Cliff and he can take your donation over the phone. Thank you! See you in August on the mountain.

Raffle Items Note: hover your pointer over the photo to see the item# and description. Click on any item to scroll thru the gallery.

Donated by Natalie Benningfield & Brett Messer – Items 1 thru 5

Donated by the late Tom Owens via Cliff Buchanan – Items 6 thru 61

Donated by “GOC Community Member” – Items __ thru __

Fundraiser for New GOC Trailer and more

Hello GOC Family!

We’ve acquired some much needed equipment and structures for the GOC this year: A completely covered trailer for transport and storage (when not at GOC), a new sweat lodge, and a new large canopy for the Welcome and Raffle activities.

We are accepting donations to reimburse Cliff Buchanan and the main GOC operating account. If you would like to donate, click here for the GOC donation page.

You may donate via PayPal or Credit Card using the PayPal web payment portal. 

Thank you, in advance, for your kind donation!

3 Workshop Leaders Needed

Greetings GOC family!

If you’ve considered leading a workshop this year at the GOC, speak up…we need whatever you are envisioning!

We have 3 workshop slots still open, and we would love to hear what you are led to offer this year.  Follow this link to the workshop presenter form and submit your details to our workshop coordinator Shawna Mitchell.


Vote for your favorite 2016 T-shirt Design

Hello GOC Family!

The vote for the 2016 t-shirt design is now open!  14 design have been submitted.

If you have not received an email with the designs enclosed, you may use this link to download a copy of the PDF file:

Be sure to submit 1 choice to Brett at by Monday morning, June 20 @ 9am Central time.

Happy Voting and Thank You!