2023 GOC Keynote Speaker

We are happy to have Gautham Bodepudi as this year’s keynote speaker.

Photo Credit: Isaac Prado

Gautham is an entrepreneur, attorney, spiritual disciple, community facilitator, and film producer.  

From a young age, Gau has dedicated himself to the spiritual path.  In 2009 he was initiated as a disciple into a lineage of spiritual masters, where he learned ancient Vedic practices and knowledge.  Gau has dedicated his life to sharing this knowledge to help empower spiritual seekers and revitalize nature, to help create peace on earth and enable humanity to live sustainably with nature.  

Gau co-founded Awaken Inner Fire and sits on the board for Fivefold Path Mission USA, non-profit organizations that are dedicated to sharing knowledge of Agnihotra, a Vedic fire practice that was lost for several millennia, but now revealed to humanity.  Gau is a producer and director of Agnihotra Documentary, an investigative documentary on Agnihotra as a healing practice for the planet and our communities.    

Professionally, Gau is a co-founder of IP EDGE, a patent asset management advisory that manages thousands of patent assets for Fortune 500 companies, and works with universities to commercialize and develop new technologies.  Gau has written in the patent field for numerous publications, writing on patent policy and economics.  Gau is a graduate from the University of Chicago School of Law.

At his core, Gau believes that if you dedicate yourself to the spiritual path, you can be successful in all aspects of life, and lives a life to demonstrate that principle.

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