GOC 2023 Planning Meeting


It’s time for our GOC Planning Meeting. We are excited about several announcements and know that you will be as well.

First our 2023 Theme-Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions or even thought about it. There were so, so many excellent suggestions, that would have been good themes, it was difficult for the council to decide. So, we came up with a Spirit guided mix that seems to embody many of the suggestions and their intent.


It is very wide open to interpretation. What does it mean to you? What questions, answers or actions pop into your mind when you think about this? Let’s see how we can manifest it together on the Mountain August 2nd-6th

Second T-shirt design-As always GOC will have T-shirts for 2023. There are so many creative, beautiful minds connected with this group. Let’s see what you can come up with for a T-shirt design based on our theme (preferably). Please submit a conceptual representation HERE. Please send in your wonderful ideas no later than Saturday March 4th.Your GOC council will narrow it down to 3 or so contenders to be decided by the entire group at the GOC 2023 Planning Meeting!

Third and possibly biggest announcement GOC planning meeting!

As in pre-covid years, we will gather in person again and make the meeting available on ZOOM. Your attendance in person would be greatly welcomed and appreciated if possible. Ed and Irene Ramos have graciously offered to host this years planning meeting at their place in Poteet, Texas Location 20 miles south of San Antonio, Texas.

There is room for camping/campers on their property and several motel options nearby if you are traveling from afar. The meeting itself will be at 2pm Central Time, Saturday, March 25th.You may choose to arrive on Friday, March 24th and attend our traditional meal gathering the night before (details to follow). Please RSVP below if you plan on attending in person or by Zoom

The Planning Meeting is essential in preparation for GOC on the mountain. Important decisions are made and volunteer and coordinator positions are filled. These roles are indispensable to the Gathering that we all know and love. So please volunteer, even to assist and learn. It is imperative that functions and operations of GOC on the mountain are passed on, spread out and picked-up by as many as possible. Here you can view the various opportunities volunteer areas.
And as always feel free to reach out to me- stevelakeforgoc@gmail.com, Or any other council member, with questions, comments and/or suggestions for


See you soon!Steve Lake and your GOC council RSVP WITH THIS LINK:https://www.cognitoforms.com/IreneRamos1/GOC2023PlanningMeeting

We would love to hear from you!